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[Challenge] 2021. February: Let's draw Candle

The candle that is used as a tool
to brighten the night of humans
can make various shapes because of
its characters to transform
from liquid to solid.

A square or round-shaped pillar
or horn-shape tepa inserted
on a stand for use.

Tealights, that are commonly used
to heat teapots but used for events
nowadays and a votive that seems
to be solidified in a cup as well.

Zelwax, a synthetic wax is used
as decorations by using synthetic
wax for transparent inside or
handmade candles with individual

There are various shapes and colors
for candles.

The topic of this challenge is
a ‘Candle’ that burns itself
to brighten the dark place.

Things that make me happy - Color
/ @BacGyver
Candle / @Pandit

A candle is the important tool
that is recorded as daily necessity
with salt, soap, etc.
by the famous Adam Smith
with The Wealth of Nations.

However, beeswax was a expensive
product that was commonly imagined.
Nobles used lamps with lots of
inconvenience in general
and lighting a beeswax candle
in supper meant a great treat
as people thought.

People could use candles
in cheap price was after
the use of paraffin, the results
from the refinement of oil.

Happy bday ^^ / @z3dmax
Picnic Cabana Cove (view
in fullscreen) / @kadie

The wick takes the role to light
the candles is made of various

The most common wick is made of
stranded treads like birthday
candles, however, the wick cannot
be fallen quite often and there are
candles made of woods and metals.

Particularly, wood wicks makes
a different feeling from the
sputtering sound with delicate
wood scents like having bonfires
from the wick being burnt that is
made of paraffin between thin
wood plates.

It would be great to put the
appreciation of yours to drawings
in turning the candles.

Candlelight / @greeda
the candle / @chanesia

Candles are used in various

The sealing method using wax
drippings are being used
in delivering a formal invitation
and important news with addition of
specialty into letters by the name
of sealing wax.

Also, it is being used as a useful
tool to remove bad scent from food
and restrooms in restaurants
and homes.

Also, it is mixed with various
essential oils of various scents,
and being used as candles to induce
the stabilization of minds.

What is the candle memorized
in you guys?

joint the challenge by having
the candles from your minds from
the ones in your beautiful memories
and various shapes of them!

This challenge will be proceeded
for 13 days
from February. 16(Tue) to
February. 28(Sun).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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