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[Review] Challenge of January (2)

The topic of this challenge was
‘Bridge’ that a construct
that connects two places
that are recalled in seeing difficult
places to the other side such
as rivers and cliffs.

First, we are introducing
the winners of this challenge.

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please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the Second challenge of January

From the beautiful artworks of
various appearances of bridges,
We could see various bridges
in the world and learned
the variety of imagination
through them in this good time.

Thank you who participated in this
challenge with great works.

Now, why don’t we meet
the winners of this challenge?

(Untitled) / @abigail
Bridge with lanterns / @Freya

A white mountain peak of legendary
permanent snow is seen from the far
and a carriage crosses a bridge
between dense forest and steep
cliff and the wet fog makes
the landscape more mysterious.
A scene recalled from a story.
It is presented by @abigail.

The thick trees are colored
variously and riverside at
the end of small path,
the stone bridge connects
the road blocked by water.
The lamp brighten over the bridge is
guiding us to the path to the small
houses seen from the far in
the early evening when the night is
coming in.
It’s presented by @Freya.

walking… / @Sisili_i
sunset bridge / @Nattabelle

A person walking on the bridge
to the gate from the far with dim
silhouette is mixed with the white
color and looks like a landscape
with heavy snow. Antique lamps
and the background color completes
the still mood of the landscape.
It’s presented by @Sisili_i.

Now he blankly stands on the bridge
over the sea, faces the surface of
it and sees the sun coloring the
sea and sky in gold. There are many
beaches with the bridges connecting
small islands close to the land.
The sea in sunset that we want
to visit together,
it’s presented by @Nattabelle.

Visit To Bronte Waterfalls,
Yorkshire England / @kirstyandCo
The ancient bridge / @Supr_art

There is a small bridge
on the widely rushing valley
that seems to be made of
the stones from the surroundings.
A person who stops on the bridge
shortly seems to look at something.
It can be the small waterfall
between a pile of stones
or landscapes from the far,
but it makes us wonder what
the landscape that made him
stops on the bridge.
It’s presented by @kirstyandCo.

Fallen leaves are stacked that
could't win the weight over
the bridge in fall. The moss and
grass that are combined with dark
colors as decorations tell us
the history of this old bridge.
It makes us want to see
the old history and landscape on
the bridge by ourselves.
It’s presented by @Supr_art.

(Untitled) / @Miky
bridge1 / @gbliero

A large river flows through
the city full of oriental feel,
and a red lantern stands on
the bridge above the river.
Standing next to it, one seems
to be admiring the flowing river.
The landscape full of grey makes
it look rainy shortly. We wonder
how the look of the rainy city is.
It’s presented by @Miky.

The bridge over the blue water
on the river is full of the snow
in the winter. The bridge with snow
and icicles on the side from the
path cleaned for passing does not
look warm yet. The sky between
the branches of the trees have dark
clouds can tell us it will be filled
by the rain on the spot.
It’s presented by @gblier.

色鉛筆繪畫-真實與虛幻之旅十分橋 /@anna
Aquarius / @FelSketch

The woman stops on the long shaky
bridge and looks at the village at
the end of the bridge with a yellow
umbrella on. What from the city
that has only hazy silhouette
by the rain made her stop?
It could be the crossing feeling
between reality and imagination
like the title.
It’s presented by @anna.

The girl crossing on the log
bridge is balancing with the pails
on hands. She has a shy smile
while reaching the last part of
the bridge. It can be her feeling of
relief that she crossed the hard
bridge to do so.An impressively rare
look of bridge.
It’s presented by @FelSketch.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The First challenge of February,
‘Let’s draw Whale’
is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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