2021-01-28. AM 02:28
[HOF] February 2021 @DuyDigi

Humans made great progress
by finding light.

Drawings as well, they became
more solid and realistic
from what people say.

In the Renaissance era,
it started expressing light
in drawing and ended up describing
emotions via light and shadow
in the Baroque era.

The development in science found
that the colors of objects are
made by the reflection of light
and created different styles
including impressionism and have
been changing the history of drawing
by light variously as well.

In the Hall of Fame in February,
The artist who is building a history
with beautiful nature by light
in PENUP, @DuyDigi was selected.

The artist is expressing lights
in nature through the works.

Light and shadow changed by light
makes it look real and tells us
what they are trying to express.
Through various colors, it is
telling us that the colors made by
light are not just simple.

Also, from the time when the sun
rises to the time when the moon
and stars rise, it makes us realize
that landscapes are changing endless
with mere light.

Expressions being seen via windows
or landscapes before and after
changes or hidden silhouette of
a cat in different places
and hidden elements in landscape
such as animals in forest make us
curious about them.

Go to the artist’s feed now
and meet beautiful landscapes
made by light and nature.

Don’t forget to celebrate her
and like her artworks in Fanbook.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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