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[Challenge] 2021. February: Let's draw Whale

A giant whale that spouts off
from its back exists in real but
feels like an imaginary creature.

They say there are as many types of
whales as your imagination
in the wide ocean.

Humpbacks with black body
to lock its prey with air bubbles
with white stomach and blue whales,
the biggest animals on earth.

Grey whales as known as ghost
whales that disappear
from whaling ships and Bowhead
whales that live over 200 years.

Killer whales called as pandas
in ocean, sperm whales that make
ambergris and unicorn fishes
that have a long molar mistaken
as a horn, there are various whales
living in the ocean.

The topic for challenge this time is
a ‘Whale’, a mammal that left
the land and went to the ocean.

고래와 달 / @remsleep
Blue Whale / @Grace.Jeong

Whales are mammals, not fishes.
They completed adapted
to water while they were living
in the water in traveling
between the land and ocean.

Sounds can’t be easily delivered in
water so they got to easily feel
vibrations with their jawbones to
replace ears and have a long mouth
as now for better communication.

Their giant bodies are
the results of evolution
to survive in cold water.

They are still getting bigger
and we have a chance to meet
a giant whale as a moving island
in the future.

Killer Whale / CAREUS
rainbow whale / @wandering_girl

Killer whales, they are called
pandas in ocean because of their
unique patterns are known as apex
predators in ocean that even hunts
other whales including great
whie sharks with high intelligence.

However, they are well-known
as animals that don’t attack
humans in the wild.

They stop tracing once they
realize it’s human after
mistaking us for other prey.
And they share friendship
and treat us nicely at times.

Also, they help us
from danger or show their
appreciation when they got helped.

However, they are very big
and strong so we can be hurt
with little tricks so we should
watch them out even if we are
happy to see them.

F / @burbuck
WarmWindow / @dumboart

Not all kinds of whales
have been revealed yet.

There is a whale that is initially
revealed from its bones washed up
by the wave in the beach.

Also, there is a 52hz whale
in the North Pacific
that does not communicate
the common frequency of whales.
It’s another name is
the loneliest whale in the world.

Nothing else is revealed than
the sound, so we don’t know none of
the things such as whether it is
a male, female or how big it is.

What do these lonely and mysterious
whales look like do you think?

Join the challenge by drawing
actual whales from imaginary ones.

We hope it will be a happy
moment to communicate
with whales via everyone’s work.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from February. 1(Mon) to
February. 15(Mon).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team