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[Challenge] 2021. January: Let's draw Bridge

Bridges easily and conveniently
connect different places despite
that there are many rides to do so.
That’s why bridges exist
in various places.
It connects villages in between
rivers, hills between mountains
and is placed between the land
and islands in far distance.

It connects the top of
the complicated roads and rails
to relieve heavy traffic or
becomes a path between buildings.

In addition, it exists as a place
that shows great scenes
on the high mountains or oceans.

The architecture that connects
places apart, ‘Bridge’ is
the topic of this challenge.

Copper calls / @aristina.z
bridge / @LoveArtCanvas

Bridges are considered as holy
places both from the East and West.

The origin of priests and pope
in the west means a person
who builds bridges.

This was originated from the priests
building bridges in Ancient Rome,
because people believed bridges are
the symbols of connection between
the sky and land.

In the East, many bridges are built
in front of buddihst temples because
it meant to enter the world of Budda
from the shape of them looking
like the rainbows.

One night at Tower Bridge /@BacGyver
view from the bridge / @nuni

They say bridges are built
in various ways.

From pontoon bridges made
by connecting many ships
in different uses.

The arch method looks like
the rainbow of the favorite topic
by the painters or the suspension
bridge with impressive strings
called the golden gate bridge of
the US.

Drawbridge, the famous tower
bridge in London that lifts ship,
glass bridges for us to see
the scenes below our feet or
rock bridges, etc. with various
materials and shapes exist.

It would be great to draw
the impressive bridges
around you in daily life.

Bridge / @cici
28 / @jamieozaki

The longest bridge in the world
has the length of 55km
and connects 11 cities.
The highest bridge is located
at the approximate level of
200-story building that is 565m
away from the sea level.

By looking at these bridges,
it makes us imagine that we can go
to a very far continent or
high place by using bridges.

What bridges are you imagining now?

From the bridges in various shapes
to the imaginary ones, have them in
your drawings to join the challenge.

We wish everyone’s mind can be
connected via bridges
through their artworks.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 16 days
from January. 16(Sat) to
January. 31(Sun).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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