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[HOF] January 2021 @Nokhong

They say an ordinary day to me
can be a special one to another.

Maybe this is why,
Johannes Vermeer who drew a girl
on pearl earrings. Male who drew
the Gleaning and the Angelus,
Edouard Manet who was called
the father of impressionism or
other famous painters drew their
days in their artworks.

The reason why these works are
loved is because one’s day is
lively expressed in drawing
and making the viewers
to imagine a special day with fun.

In the first Hall of Fame in 2021,
@Nokhong, who expresses ordinary
days in drawing and making them
in special artworks.

There are people’s daily
lives in your works.

Their postures and facial
expressions are expressed
in a plane manner with your
unique expressions.

It brings a little curiosity on what
they are doing or thinking about.

Also, the places where they are in
catch our eyes with the coexistence
of familiarity and novelty
at conflicting perceptions.

Aside from daily artworks,
a story in legends or dramas
with the feels of oriental paintings
catch our attention.

Like the landscape and objects
delivering uniqueness,
we can meet the artist’s
appreciation or imagination.

Now please drop by the artist’s
feed and meet daily works and other
works with various imaginations.

Don’t forget to drop by the penbook,
congratulate with greetings
and like the works.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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