2015-05-26. AM 02:50
  • Hello~ PEN.ples. ^^
    Since after the 1.8.0 update last time, a very fun function has been newly introduced at PEN.Up.
    Sticking to its concept of interacting and communicating with pictures, PEN.UP now allows users to use pictures for their comments.

    After this new function was introduced, various fun “drawing comments” have started appearing at PEN.Up.

  • We looked for some fun drawings to introduce to you.
  • Penples reply in “drawings” to those drawings you post up, fulfilling PEN.UP with excitement.
  • Also, there were also some people who replied with creative drawings that matched with the original drawing posted.
    For instance, Philip drew a butterfly for BacGyver’s somewhat lonesome, silent drawing.
  • Euknyung’s drawing comment that replied to Jinjie’scompliment is impressive, isn’t it?
    The shy back view saying, “Thank you, Jinjie”, is so cute.
  • Many of the people expressed what they want to comment through drawing.
    But, there were also some who made drawing and handwriting to express their comment.

    We are very happy that more excitement will come along from the reply drawings in addition to the drawing posts at PEN.Up.

    Sometimes people feel discontented at the fact that they cannot fully convey their feeling through dialogue or writing.

    We hope that the drawing comment can enhance the relationship among PEN.PLEs.

    So, we have come up with a new PEN.UP event!
    Give your fun, creative and soulful drawing comments.
    Among those who give drawing comments, we will select three people and offer ArtFlow coupon, the user-optimized drawing tool.
  • ■ Event period : 25.May ~ 6.June (12days)

    ■ Three selections
      - Text and drawing comment together 1
      - Best colorful comment 1
      - Best lovely comment
  • It is again time for PEN.PLEs to show your wit and originality.
    We look forward to your participation.^^