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[Challenge] 2021. January: Let's draw Door

PENPLEs, best wishes for
a Happy New Year in 2021!

Even in the new 2021,
May you be full of health
and happiness. :)

We use doors to head somewhere.

We open and go out to start our day
or open the front door
to go to work or school.

Also, to reach where we want to go,
we go through the door of a bus,
train or pass revolving or automatic
doors to go to the stores.

Just like this,
we are spending our days
while passing through various doors.

The theme of the challenge
that marks the beginning of 2021 is
‘Door’, a means to connect
a space to another.

Door to the heaven / @NomadLife
Back Door / @anthonydavais

The Roman god Janus has a face
in front and behind each,
It is also a god that means
beginning and transition,
and it can see inside and outside
the door to have been called
the god of the door.

The English word for January,
‘January’, In the sense of being
the gateway to a new year,
It is said that it originated
from the name of Janus,
the god of doors.

In addition, there are stories
related to doors in various
places in the world.
Please introduce the stories you
know in drawing, it would be good!

A pretties door in the fall
/ @jinjie
door of happiness / @zak

The direction in opening
the door is designed
by considering different situations.

The door in the rooms
or restrooms, they are open
inward to keep privacy.
Fire exit or front door are open
outward because panicked people
from fire or danger push
the door to open.

The doors of hotels and banks are
the concept of front doors,
However, it is usually made
to open inward.

For hotels, it is to prevent
collisions with people running
through the aisle, for banks, it is
to make it difficult for robbers
to escape when they break in.

Elven Door /@Sysmai
door / @jhl1317

Doors are widely used in various
meanings of imagination than
their actual meanings.

They are used as a scene
in forgotten memory or new beginning
or open or closed the door
for one’s mind for others
which are being used
in various literary expressions.

Aside from that, they are used as
fantasy materials to open
and connect a whole new place
as a path to a special place.

Do you have a place to open the door
in front of you and arrive?
It would be great to draw the door
of your imagination in your mind.

< From various materials,
places and imaginary ones.
Draw various doors
to join the challenge!

It would be great to open
the door to start the new year
with everyone’s work.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from January. 1(Fri) to
January. 15(Fri).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team