2020-12-29. AM 07:32
[Notice] PENUP 2021 Calendar Image Sharing Guide
Greetings, PENPLEs!
The first topic of the challenge
in November recently was
‘Tree for 2021 Calendar’.

In response of a lot of PENPLEs,
we had it with a big success
and also filled the calendar
with the most beautiful
artworks than ever.

We would like to give a calendar
to everyone who participated,
but it was impossible due
to various circumstances,
so we felt very sorry.

So, starting this year,
our PENUP team would like to share
an image of the calendar made
by your participation.

Calendar images created
this year can be downloaded
from the links below.

* 2021 PENUP Calendar File Link

Download: Google Drive
Go to Google Drive download
(PDF file)

The file is a high-resolution image
as large as 150mb.
Please use Wi-Fi to avoid data
charges in using mobile devices.

PENUP Account
→You can search #2021TREE tag
in PENUP search bar to download
image from ‘2021 Calendar’
collections on the official
PENUP account.

Once again, Thank you
to everyone for participating
in the 2021 PENUP calendar creation
challenge and please stay tuned
and show us your support
for the upcoming New Year.

PENUP will continue
to serve you together.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team