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[Interview] HOF December 2020 @Barbra

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Joseph Mallord William Turner,
a British painter, is an artist
who made his name widely known
by his beautiful landscape
paintings with light.

In art history, he was the artist
who traveled the most to paint.
With the hard work he’s put in from
the inspiration of his trips,
It's made him famous.

He spent his life writing more than
200 sketches and 19,000 drawings.
With his planning and drawing of
so many works that were left behind,
It created its own light
and pure color.

Writer @Barbra, who was named
to the Hall of Fame last
December of the year.
Through diverse and beautiful
landscapes and coloring.
She makes a world of her own
with her own work.

There are many landscapes
in Barbra’s work.
As the sun and the weather change,
the color of nature changes.
It is beautifully expressed.

In addition, works created using
coloring patterns are also
attracting attention.
Beyond coloring in the blanks,
the coloring patterns are
just lines. It creates a variety of
landscapes and situations
by adding beautiful colors.

Barbra, who's been painting these
wonderful works of art.
How she came to paint,
and what she imagined.
Will be found out through
the interview.

Let's start the interview
with Barbra.

Hello, Barbra.
This is PENUP's management team.
First, congratulations on
being selected as the Hall of
Fame in December.

Please introduce yourself
and tell us how you feel
about the selection.

A1. @Barbra
First and foremost,
I’d like to sincerely thank you
for the nomination for
the Hall of Fame in December.
Getting nominated left me positively
surprised and speechless.
I learned about it from all
the congratulatory messages coming
in from my wonderful friends.
First a few words about me,
my name is Barbara,
I am Polish by birth,
currently I live in Stockholm.
By education, I am a civil engineer
and a real estate agent.

Your first work was published
in February of 2019.
You have published
a lot of works so far.

How did you come to know PENUP
and how did you post your work?

A2. @Barbra
My journey with PENUP
began in May 2018.
I was right after a middle finger
surgery on my right hand as
an aftermath of a tumor removal
from my right breast.

Back then I used a Samsung Note 4,
and my physical therapist made me
a special tip for the stylus
that allowed me to paint.
I spent every free moment painting,
until my device couldn’t
take it anymore.

In February 2019 I started painting
with a TAB.s 4.k, I still use it
to paint to this day.
I was only able to recover my
artworks from the first period of
my journey with PENUP partially,
which I regret very much.

Various works such as scenery and
coloring are attracting attention.

I ask, which devices and apps are
used into making these works?

A3. @Barbra
The only app that I use
to paint is PENUP.

I like to paint everything by myself
and I never use any extra apps for
things like pasting additional
elements in.

For example, The PENUP app requires
a lot of persistence from its users,
but I do like the end result.

Various works, including
animals, flowers, and people,
attracted attention.

You work mostly based on
the theme of natural environment.
How did you come to create
these types of works?

A4. @Barbra
My passion was always traveling
and hiking, which allows me
to observe nature.

I don’t stop at that, though,
as I also watch documentaries
on nature, traveling and animals.
I enjoy reading photo albums,
as well as books devoted
to great painters.

When traveling, I always visit local
museums and art galleries,
or check out historical landmarks.

The various places in the work
felt like real places.

Are the places that appear
in landscape paintings real?
Or is it a place
in your imagination?

A5. @Barbra
My art is usually inspired
by photographs, nature views,
documentaries on TV, albums.

I don’t copy those views.
Everything I paint comes
from my imagination.

I often alter the colors of
the original view or photograph
because I feel the need to.

There have been times
when I would only paint
in shades of blue, violet etc.,
or in bright, pastel colors.

To paint a variety of landscape
paintings, you must have gone
to various places.

I wonder if you actually
travel a lot. Also, if there is
a place that is most memorable
among the places in the work,
Please tell me.

A6. @Barbra
I love to travel and I devote
every free moment to traveling.

My favorite travel destinations are
Scandinavian countries,
North Africa and of course Poland,
with its beautiful lakes,
rivers and wild landscapes.

The titles of the works, using
filters, are used in the works.

I was able to see that you
gave me a unique feeling.

I'd like to know why you used
filters to make the work effective.

I wonder what kind of
emotions you put into it.

A7. @Barbra
When I’m done painting,
I often feel the lack of
color depth and image structure.

That’s when I use
the Collage app and apply
the filters available there.

I also use this app
to describe my artworks.

This app makes it possible
to publish several artworks
at the same time, which makes it
easy to view all artworks sharing
the same theme, like a series of
flowers, landscapes etc.

Even if you painted and decorated
all of PENUP's coloring. To the
point that it's no exaggeration
to say that you're steadily
uploading works using coloring.

I want to know why you are
decorating your coloring,
not just coloring it.

A8. @Barbra
I really like to color the coloring
pages featured in PENUP.

I also usually add a personal touch.
It results in a small individual
image and not just a regular
coloring page.

Every PENUP coloring page
has a room for that.

There are a lot of works,
so I think you'll draw a lot.
I wonder when you draw.
Do you have a future work plan or
a topic you would like to challenge?

A9. @Barbra
Regarding this question, I try to
work whenever I have a free moment.

When painting, I’m in my happy
little world, which is very
important in my case.

I even dare say that painting
makes my life longer.
I don’t think about what will be.
I dream of one thing, I wish
I could devote myself to my passion

This is the last question.

While using PENUP,
if there is a part that you wish
to improve, or a story you want
to tell, Please tell me.

A10. @Barbra
A more adequate question would be –
what is my PENUP related dream.
I’ll try to give an exhaustive,
concrete answer to that.

For people like me who struggle
with an illness and treat PENUP
as an escape from the real world,
PENUP is a medicine for the soul.

The anonymity allows to maintain
wide contacts and have a social
life without any obligations or
having to answer awkward questions.

Thanks to the anonymity
you have a lot of friends
who can motivate you with their
support to work harder and
to believe in your own abilities.

My dream is to, with support
from good-willed people,
start a foundation under
patronage from SAMSUNG.

Such foundation is very necessary
so that artistically-talented
people who have had it difficult
in life due to health problems
could use their talents to start
a new life in which they could
combine their artistic passion
with ability to sell their art.

You need knowledge for that
and this is where PENUP could
sponsor scholarships for people
with outstanding talents,
thus giving them a chance
to combine their passion
with money making potential.

I believe that I won’t stop
at dreams alone and that soon
they will take a real form.

Did you enjoy our interview
with @Barbra?

William Turner was a painter
with no disciples or successors,
His works were transferred to France
and it was said to be the foundation
on which impressionism was created
by inspiration.

Barbra, too, talks to people
through various works,
delivering new ideas.

From coloring to live drawing,
and your own paintings.
Drawing various works,
thinking about new ideas,
What do you think?

You can try to follow the work,
fill in the color, and decorate
and discuss new ideas for your work.
It would be a good time
to think about it.

With gathering together
everyone’s artworks and creations,
I hope we can build to be
a new PENUP everyday.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team