2020-12-14. AM 04:14
[Challenge] 2020. November: Let's draw Instrument

Whistling in the dark night,
the little light rising up
to the sky. It bursts with
a popping sound, coloring the sky
with beautiful colors.

The various colored fireworks
that brighten both eyes.
Beautiful shapes are also
embroidered in the sky.

From colored circles or ovals,
It shows scattering like a fountain
or flowing down like a waterfall,

Also, the appearance of various
animals and objects, including
flowers and stars, Can be seen.

The theme of this year's final
challenge is: a picture made by
flames spreading in the dark
night sky, ‘Fireworks’.

Park Landscape / @Evendim
Fireworks / @BacGyver

Fireworks mark the beginning or end of
various events on a dark night.
It's used a lot as a tool.

That's why each country
has its own fireworks.
They say that there are various
times when it has a big opening.

In Korea, many events are held
in autumn when the leaves fall.
In the United States,
there is a big firework display
near Independence Day.

In China, to celebrate the New Year,
they have fireworks, In Japan,
it is said to be held a lot
in the middle of summer.

In France, on the anniversary of
the Revolution, at the Eiffel Tower,
It is said that they hold
a firework event.

I wonder when fireworks are held
where you guys live.

불꽃은 시작 / @Achivolt
Just Us / @stickyfingers

It is said that it is
the metal powder that determines
the color of the flame.

Aluminum is silver, sodium is
yellow, calcium is orange, etc.
It is said to be mixed with various
metals to create a beautiful light.

If you shoot a soccer ball-sized
lotus into the sky.
It creates a colorful flame.
The various shapes seen
in the fireworks display
through the length of the fuse
It is said to be created
by controlling the bursting time.

Currently, the time is adjusted
through electric ignition.
There is also a way to control
the burst time by attaching
chips to the softening.
It is said that it is possible
to produce more complex pictures.

Fuegos artificiales / @Fralic82
City Fireworks / @anthonydavais

If you look at the places
where the fireworks are held,
you can see that they're like
rivers and oceans.
They say you can see a lot
of things around places
with lots of water.
This is due to the risk of fire.

So rather than the sparks
that open in a place without water.
When making sparks that burst
around the water. I heard they
make a much bigger flame.

It would be fun to look at
the differences of fireworks
in various places.

When you enjoy fireworks at the end
of the year and the new year,
I hope you can watch out for
safety accidents and fires
and enjoy the beauty.

There is not much left of 2020.
This year, with the work of you,
the fans of PENUP.
PENUP was full of beauty.
In the upcoming 2021, please show
a lot of interest and love for PENUP!

This challenge will be proceeded
for 16 days
from December. 16(Wed) to
December. 31(Thu).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team