2020-12-09. AM 02:20
[Notice] PENUP update Ver 3.5.5

Hello. PENPLEs!

PENUP has been updated
to version 3.5.5.

So today, we’d like to go over
things that have been added
or changed in PENUP version 3.5.5.

First, Live wallpaper support
will be discontinued.

Until the previous version,
there was a 'live wallpaper'
function that allows you
to designate multiple works
as wallpaper.

However, there are not many users
using this function, and we have
decided to delete
the function boldly to focus
on developing the function
that is more important to you.

In the next version,
we are preparing the features
that many PENPLEs want.

We look forward to your expectations
and hope you will continue
to enjoy PENUP.

Second, One UI 3.0 version
has been applied.

One UI is Samsung Galaxy's unique
design philosophy.

One UI 3.0, which is well received
by many people, is applied to PENUP.
We hope that you
will enjoy One UI 3.0,
which maximizes the essence of
the Galaxy UX design,
while enhancing the productivity
and concentration of
smartphone users through PENUP.

We will continue to improve PENUP
so that you can use PENUP
more easily and comfortably.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team