2020-11-27. AM 04:44
[HOF] December 2020 @Barbra

We don't know much about
the works of artists other
than the representative works.
However, I heard that there are
a lot more works left by famous
artists than I thought.

In Picasso's case,
there are more than 1,300
oil paintings and sketches.
The number of prints, including more
than 100,000 prints, is unknown.
There's a variety of works left.

In the case of Vincent van Gogh,
There are over 900 paintings
and 1,100 studies left.

The reason why they're drawing
so many of these works is
because they get new ideas
through the process of drawing.
It is also said that it was
an opportunity to create
one's own style of painting.

Through various works in the Hall of
Fame in December, Who are creating
new ideas and their own works,
Author @Barbra has been selected.

The artist's work is full
of beautiful nature.

Landscapes containing various
seasons and times of nature,
Is drawn through unique colors
and expressions.

Through the appearance of
the impressive landscape,
With the feeling as if
the beauty you encountered
while walking on the road was
captured in the work.
Through the eyes of the viewers,
It conveys the feeling of traveling
to different places.

Also, in the works expressed
through coloring designs.
It doesn't stop at filling
in the colors. Put beautiful
scenery in empty space,
you're also expressing
your own imagination.

When you stop by the artist’s feed,
your eyes will be amazed
with beautiful scenery
and various coloring works.

Stop by the pen book and say
Also, please don’t forget
to press like on the artwork.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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