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[Challenge] 2020. December: Let's draw Snowman

When the street becomes
covered in snow, Children clump
the snow and start rolling over
the piled-up snow. Eyes that were
the size of a fist gradually
became larger eyes, when you stack
these snowballs, you make a snowman.

And as if showing off their
tastes, different snowmen sit
on the streets.

With easy things that are available
around you, it can be decorated
with stones or branches, with
buttons or clothes. It also
changes into a different look.

Also, depending on who makes it,
Whether a person or an animal
in different poses; Or even
a mysterious being like an imaginary
fairy, It also transforms.

Something fun that can only be
played on snowy days, ‘Snowman’
is the theme for this challenge.

Snowman Santa / @K.Shaw
박스라이언/boxlion - 상자사자
/ @Lentz.bc.Gim

It is said that snowmen
have different appearances
in different regions.

In the East, a snowman is usually
made by stacking two snowballs,
In the West, it is said to be made
by stacking three snowballs.

Also, from the materials
that decorate the body
and the expression of the face.
It saids, there is a difference.

In addition, in desert areas
where there is no snow, a candle is
used and is rolled on the floor.
It is also said that there are
jobs where people build snowmen.

Draw how snowmen are made
in the country you live in.
It would be nice to compare it
with other people's snowmen.

Snowpanda / @Cong.gee
Winter trees and snowman / @feltboy

It is said that the snowman was
also used as an art tool.
Unlike other art tools,
it does not cost money.
It saids, it was good to sculpt.

Therefore, it is said
that famous painters have
a record of making snowmen.

In particular, Michelangelo,
a painter famous for the creation
of the heavens and the earth,
was also requested. It saids,
he has also made a snowman.

There is no record of its
appearance, In the article left by
an art critic, it is said that
the expression of being amazingly
beautiful remains.

What will the snowman born out of
the painter's hand look like?
I'm curious.

Hello Snowman / @greeda
Long time no see / @silver77

The biggest snow man to date is
named Olympia. It is said to be
a snowman over 37 meters in size.
Made in America, this snowman has
eyebrows made out of 16 skis.
It is said that its lips are
made out of 5 tires.

In contrast, the smallest snowman
in a lab the thickness of the hair
made to celebrate Christmas.
It is said to be a 0.003mm snowman,
which is about a quarter.

Imagine snowmen of different sizes.
It would be nice to express
it through pictures.

Starting from the snowmen you can
easily see around you, to the
snowmen that are not easily seen
even in your imagination.
Try to challenge yourself
with a variety of thoughts.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from December. 1(Tue) to
December. 15(Tue).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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