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[Review] Challenge of November (1)

Hello, PENPLE's!

Changing from various shapes
and places, Our theme for
the challenge was “Tree.”

Let’s start off with introducing
the winners of this challenge
through a video.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the First challenge of November

Through the works uploaded
by many people, The appearance of
the trees that changed with
the weather and the seasons,
You'll find out about the types of
trees all around the globe.
It was enjoyable looking
at all of the pictures.

Thank you to everyone who has
completed the challenge
with beautiful artwork.

Shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

Trees in a cold winter / @AntoineKhanji

Even at the peak of winter,
when white snow falls, trees of
late autumn colors are still
in full bloom.
Color is being shown
in a world of gray.
Just like the first month of
the new year, when memories of
the past year still remain,
Memories of the past fall
mingled in white snow
to create beautiful scenery.
For the month of January,
@AntoineKhanji's work was selected.

Old Tree / @HTH

Under the grayish sky,
the snow would soon be sprinkled,
On the hillside of the valley,
where the water seemed
to have dried up, A tree with
no leaves is standing.
Seeing that there are no new shoots
on the desolate tree yet,
It seems it will take some time
until spring comes.
The selected work of
February is by @HTH.

Sanctum / @ea_stasy

On a small lake in a deep cave,
on a very small island,
A tree with beautiful pink
petals is growing.
Even though sunlight is being
received through a small hole in
the cave, it seems to tell you
the tenacious vitality of the tree
that can blossom beautiful flowers.
For the month of March,
which seems to indicate
that a new spring has come in pink,
@ea_stasy is the winner.

Waiting / @R.A.A

There is a small island
in front of the pond, where cool
streams of water pour down.
The tree that grew on the island
bloomed pink flowers.
A woman in a red dress has reached
the peak of spring scenery.
It seems to greet the cool breeze
in the most beautiful place.
The selection of April with
a beautiful spring is by @R.A.A.

(Untitled) / @Anilam.art

Under the trees hung by the hanging
lights are beautiful grasses
with flowers, the stones around
them are filled with patterns
that seem to hold a mystery.
Where are the animals heading to,
hurting the fields and pushing back?
The selection of May is
by @Anilam.art.

Beautiful Nature ~✧ / @Sina

Under the mountains,
in the vast fields, green trees,
like dancing in the wind, clouds
seem to be flowing fast along
the wind in the blue sky.
Countless birds in the sky seem
to be flying to enjoy the scenery.
This is @Sina's work, selected
for the month of June.

Grow Forever / @Diana

In the forest where sunlight seems
to come in, trees that boast
a circumference larger than a human
body extend to the end of the sky.
People who are following the trees
that seem to have fallen because
they have not been able to overcome
the years. it seems that the forest
is being explored with the flag
of PENUP. The shape of the forest
full of large trees selected
as the calendar for July
This is the work of @Diana.

a boy on a tree / @David-E

A child is sitting on a thick branch
above a tall tree. Maybe he went
to a high place with a lot of wind,
avoiding the hot weather.
I'm curious about what the boy is
looking at so up above his home.
August's selection is
@David-E's work featuring
the scenery of the summer.

Maple tree / @Gavriel

In a forest full of greenery,
the tree alone in the fall was seen.
It seems to be shining beautifully
with the bright sunlight.
Sometimes when you look at
the mountains, there are trees
that greet the season very quickly.
This tree also seems to show
that autumn is approaching faster
than anyone else.
This is @Gavriel's work,
which was selected
as the calendar of September.

Autumn / @FatemaMusharrof

Forests at the peak of autumn dazzle
our eyes with so many colors.
This forest also wears red
and orange, yellow and green.
Along the road that leads
through the trees, autumn
is wanting to be felt.
This is a work by @FatemaMusharrof,
who was selected as the calendar of
October with beautiful autumn.

(Untitled) / @vlad

Trees colored red in autumn
Red leaves seem to be scattered
in the cold wind, the blue fog
that fills the surroundings.
It seems to indicate that autumn is
coming and winter is coming.
As if it’s a picture that contains
the seasons where autumn
and winter intersect.
The selection for November was
by @vlad.

은하별나무_Milky Way Star trees
/ @wandering_girl

Aurora appears in the sky,
following countless stars,
The trees below them are
as bright and mysterious
as the color of the aurora.
I wonder what this child's view
from under the tree feels like.
For December, the last month of
2021, the fantastic scenery is
the work of @wandering_girl.

These are the 12 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The Second challenge of November,
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We hope for your
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Thank you.

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