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[Challenge] 2020. November: Let's draw Instrument

Music’s best friend,
instruments are known that they
have existed from
the early stage of humanity.

Is that why? Various instruments
exist in the world.

From commonly known piano
for us or violin,
to bagpipe of Scotland
to be played in quiltj,
ukulele of Hawaii,
gayageum of Korea,
jembe from Africa,
some traditional instruments
have uniqueness of each country.

Accordion or harmonica
that reminds musicians
on the street or harp that
is also called as the instrument
of gods exist as well.

The topic of this challenge is
an equipment to make sounds,

Pianist and Moonlight / @ch0ea
River flows in you / @nAkim

We are familiar with piano,
it might look like
an old instrument because
of similar looking instruments,
but it was made in the early
18th century which
is way later than violins, etc.

Organs, making sounds with air or
harpsichord, making sounds
by plucking string were
the mainstreams before.
It didn’t receive attention
when it was first made
but by the pressure on the keyboard,
the player’s emotion
or interpretation
could be expressed.
So Mozzart used it
and it became famous.

Now it is called the king
of keyboard instruments.

Violin is the key / @UZart
A Rose on the Violin / @BacGyver

Recently, many virtual
or electronic instruments
computers are being developed.

From piano, violin, drum
to pipe instruments,
there are various changes going on.

Just like the keyboard,
an instrument full of buttons
but various sounds on them
or digital percussions
to play sounds by combination
of desired sounds.
There are various appearances
and sounds are appearing.

What new instrument will
be out do you think?

Having a free imagination
on your work would be great.

Troubadour / @David-E
Accordion / @Tenbrix

Instruments are known as helpful
to maintain brain’s health.

If you practice music,
it will be helpful
to develop rhythm,
sense and also mental response speed
and physical expression capacity.

It also prevents aging
and is recommended to try
anytime without thinking
it’s too late to start
playing instruments.

Joint the challenge
with various instruments
of old and newly made ones
that you are good at playing
with or want to play.

We hope this challenge
will be full of beautiful sounds
with everyone.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from November. 16(Mon) to
November. 30(Mon).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team