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[Review] Challenge of October (2)

One’s smiling face gives
us a good emotion.
'Smile', making one
and others happy together,
was the topic of this challenge.

We’ve prepared a video of
our winners this month,
so let’s take a look.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the Second challenge of October

By seeing various smiles
with different people
and situations,
We smiled without being aware of it,
or remembered and made
a smile in our busy days.
It gave us a happier feeling
with this happy moment.

We’d like to thank all of
our users who participated
in this month’s challenge
with some truly awesome drawings.

Now, let’s meet the winners
of the challenge.

Lovely life with you. / @heylulu
Food please, h00man? / @Orenjineko

A bright smile of
a boy hugging a puppy
and the puppy has a big smile
that shows how happy he is.
Shiny expression of lights
and warm colors of cozy feeling,
It’s presented by @heylulu.

Orange colored cat peeps
on the table and seems
to be asking about her food.
We can’t ignore it
without giving food with
it’s cute face with a big smile.
It’s presented by @ Orenjineko.

(Untitled) / @rabbit1004
SMILE!! / @tosi73

A sofly closed eyes,
red cheeks and lips on a smile.
It makes us smile with her.
What is she looking at right now?
We wonder what made her have
this beautiful smile.
It’s presented by @rabbit1004.

Tears on her eyes, but
a big smile on her mouth.
People shed tears when they
are sad or happy.
The shiny ring on her hand
can be the one making her happy
with tears and smile.
It gives us various imaginations.
It’s presented by @tosi73.

A Smile Kid : / @Pato.Cha
it's a shaggydog story / @Kikoro

A curly-haired girl is holding
her hands tight and making a
a big smile showing her teeth.
The changes are expressed in
a detailed manner with
twinkling eyes
and lifted corner of her mouth
and it looks so real
as we see her in front of us.
It’s presented by @Pato.Cha.

Kids are hugging their
mom’s chest and leg.
They have happy smile on their face
and it shows their affection
to each other.
A hairy dog looking
at them by their side
smiles and happily enjoys
the moment.
It’s presented by @Kikoro

Whatever happens, I'll keep
smiling with u :) / @Makomeko
Life is cool / @Nokhong

A girl in flower raincoat
is holding a teddy bear
and is making a shy smile
in the rain.
The clouds pouring the rain seem
to be smiling together
with the girl’s smile.
It’s presented by @Makomeko.

On the window, a man
with short hair is doing a button
on his sleeve.
A warm smile on his mouth
while preparing for work,
he would enjoy his day for sure.
It’s presented by @Nokhong.

죽은 사람이 돌아오는 날이래. / @Papu
Smiling at the ray of hope / @.NV.

Blond hair, red eyes,
sharp canine, etc.
A guy dressed in dracula
is making a happy smile.
Many people dress up
and enjoy parties on Halloween.
An amazing dracula on Halloween,
it’s presented by @Papu.

A shining butterfly came
and landed on her hand.
They say butterflies
have one’s soul.
A smile on her mouth can
say she thinks
a person she misses
came to see her.
It’s presented by @.NV.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The first challenge of November,
‘Let’s draw Tree for
2021 Calendar’
is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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