2020-10-29. AM 04:42
[HOF] November 2020 @pigama

People say the three most important
factors in a person’s life are
clothing, housing, and food.

Among the three, food is the one
that is absolutely necessary for us
to remain alive and active.
But enjoying food also gives
you a chance to experience
a sense of happiness.

That’s why we often feel something
might be delicious by simply
looking at it, or by watching someone
really enjoying their food.

For the month of November,
PENUP inducted someone who gives us
the joy of eating with her paintings
of delicious food or girls eating
food into the Hall of Fame.
Congratulations, @pigama,
who continues to open our eyes
and water our mouths
with your beautiful paintings.

@pigama’s portfolio features
a whole list of delicious foods.

Her paintings depict everything
from foods we can see quite often
to foods, drinks, and snacks
from different countries
in soft and pretty colors.

These delicately painted foods
stimulate more than just your eyes.
They make you think about
how they might smell or taste.
Soon, you’ll really want
to try the foods
in @pigama’s paintings yourself.

Also, the expression and gestures
of the girls depicted in her
paintings indirectly give us
a chance to satisfy our curiosity
when it comes to foods we don’t know
or foods we can’t find quite easily.

@pigama also uses hats
and accessories shaped like foods,
which is why it’s always interesting
to focus on every little detail.

Head over to @pigama’s feed right
now if you want to see paintings of
some mouth-watering foods.

Also, don’t forget to stop by
on Fanbook to congratulate @pigama
on her HOF induction, and make sure
to press that “like” button.

Please keep an eye out for
our interview with @pigama,
which will be uploaded very soon.

Thank you.

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