2020-10-29. AM 04:40
[Challenge] 2020. November: Let's draw Tree for 2021 Calendar

It’s November already,
which means its time
to wind down 2020.

This year was
an extremely trying year.
Yet, your love and support gave
PENUP the drive and energy
to continue changing, and continue
giving our PENPLE friends
new challenges, much like how
a fruit tree changes its colors
and bears fruits when
the harvest season comes.

We want to take some time
to look back on 2020, and gear up
for a brand new year in 2021.
That’s why we’ve decided to have
a PENUP calendar competition.

The theme of this month’s challenge
was inspired by our wish at PENUP
to become a “giving tree” that gives
and gives and gives everything
to our PENPLE users.
The name of this challenge?
This challenge is called the
’Tree for 2021 Calendar’.

* If you can't see the video,
please check the link below.
Click to see Let's draw
Tree for 2021 Calendar

Blossom / @Nina
cherry blossom / @usk_keesunge

Trees create the most important
element in sustaining life
on earth - oxygen.

They absorb carbon dioxide
in the atmosphere, then converts
it into oxygen.
One large tree can provide enough
oxygen for four people a day.

Trees also absorb dust
and improve air quality.
That's why city government plant
trees on roadsides in urban areas.
Of course, they’re great in making
the city look beautiful,
but they also provide great
functional benefits
hat can keep us healthy.

Not only that, trees can help
prevent floods and landslides,
and they regulate temperature
and humidity by absorbing
and releasing moisture into
the atmosphere, which prevents
the potential desertification of
our environment.

treehouse / @hrum
Winter Tree / @JayArt

Trees were an important factor
in the development of human
civilization as well.

Early on in our evolution, trees
gave us the ability to use fire
by providing us with firewood.
Trees were easy to find and process,
which is why they were so popular
in building houses or making
a variety of objects.

Also, lumber from trees could be
used to build bridges or boats,
giving people the ability
to migrate to other regions.

Today, we’ve invented
a number of new materials
to replace trees and wood.
Nevertheless, they’re still used
in vast quantities in the production
of paper and other applications.

cloud tree / @VMST
A tree called life~
/ @TumMeng_Inthira

We’re not the only ones
benefiting from trees.
Trees can provide shelter
and food for animals,
and help other plants grow.
In short, trees are indispensable
when it comes to sustaining life
on our planet.

As such, governments
and organizations around the world
are trying very hard
to create new forests
and preserve existing forests.

We hope our PENPLE users can use
this challenge as an opportunity
to draw different trees and really
think about their importance
to us as people and our environment.

We plan on sending PENUP’s 2021
calendar featuring winning entries
to the winners of this challenge.

Don’t miss out on your chance
to get your hands on a one-of-a-kind
calendar with your very own drawing.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from November. 1(Sun) to
November. 15(Sun).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team