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[Review] Challenge of October (1)

Our latest challenge was
all about planes.
Planes are a miracle of human
creativity and perseverance.
They made our dream of
flying through the sky
like birds come true.

We’ve prepared a video of
our winners this month,
so let’s take a look.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
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the First challenge of October

Traveling far away from home has
not been quite so easy this year.
We’re all feeling a little
couped up at hour homes.
Fortunately for us, plenty of
you sent in drawings of planes
high up in the sky.
It really helped everyone take
a moment and imagine being
on those planes.
It gave us an escape from some of
the more mundane parts of our day.

We’d like to thank all of
our users who participated
in this month’s challenge
with some truly awesome drawings.

Well then, let’s go ahead and check
out our winners of the month.

Good-bye… / @IceBear
The western sky / @xiaos

See the sun shining through
the window? See all the planes ready
to welcome passengers and fly off
to their destinations?
Oh, and there are a couple of busy
cars carrying luggage to the planes.
And see that little smile
on the face of that girl waiting
at the airport.
I bet she made some great memories
wherever she went.
Her smile says it all.
People welcome and say goodbye
to each other at airports.
This beautiful illustration was
sent in by @IceBear.

These two biplanes here seem
to be heading towards the dark
clouds and into the setting sun.
Perhaps they’re seeking out
light at the other end side of
the overcast sky.
They’re just charging straight
into those clouds.
This picture of two planes
flying towards hope
and light is the work of @xiaos.

dream ~ / @Sina
~PLANE ~ / @Tunisienne

Here, you can see a plane flying
right over a giant fleecy cloud.
The plane actually seems like
it’s creating some clouds of
its own as it flies away.
The person looking up
in the sky looks mesmerized
by the plane and the cloud.
If you look carefully,
you can also see starts above
the white, giant cloud rising
over this pretty hill.
Thank you, @Sina,
for sending your work in.

A squadron of large planes are
flying overhead, and a kid wearing
a pair of pilot’s goggles is
running along with a paper
airplane in his hand.
What do you think the body is
thinking as he’s trying
to keep up with the planes?
Maybe someday, in the future,
the boy might become a pilot
flying one of those planes.
This picture of the boy
and planes was drawn by @Tunisienne.

One way Ticket / @Algyz
I'm Coming to see you♡ / @juni_HH

A large commercial airliner is
flying over a river winding
its way through a forest.
Planes usually display the national
flag they’re flying under
or the carrier’s name
on the fuselage.
The carrier for this particular
plane seems to be PENUP.
We’d love to invite you all on-board
this massive plane, and take you
around the world on an art tour.
Shout out to @Algyz for
this creative piece of art.

The plane in the sky and the girl
sitting on her rooftop are
connected by a long string.
The string seems to be helping
the girl and the plane take
to each other.
She’s saying,
“I’m coming to see you,”
and the plane is saying,
“I love you.”
Actually, she might be waiting for
someone to come home on that plane.
This cute little illustration
was done by @juni_HH.

Runway / @David-E
(Untitled) / @Agung_W

Rather than taxiing on wheels,
this plane flying a couple of
feet above the air is power
by this guy’s legs.
Sometimes when you’re stuck
in a traffic jam, do you ever wonder
just taking off and flying right
over the congested traffic?
If we had a plane like this,
we might be able to get
to where we need to go much faster.
Thanks to @David-E for
sending that one in.

A paper PENUP plane is rapidly
approaching a giant planet.
where there is a cluster of stars
and a few comets flying by.
It seems our PENPLE friends are
venturing beyond our planet
and deep into space.
This awesome drawing is
the work of @Agung_W.

Fly Away / @James_Maynard

A massive plane and a little paper
plane are flying through
the blue sky with white,
fluffy clouds under the shining sun.
In tow, they both have long shadows
created by the sun.
And between the plane
and paper plane are a few birds.
They might be following
the plane to somewhere.
@James_Maynard made great use of
light in his drawing. Good work!

New Destinations / @R.A.A

The clouds blanketing the mountains
and the setting sun make the clouds
look more like the sea.
We wonder what that pilot is
thinking as he flies over
that beautiful sky.
Thank you, @R.A.A,
for your awesome work.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The Second challenge of October,
‘Let’s draw Smile’ is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team