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  • Exotic and fancy silk paint arts that filled up PEN.UP.
    We have thoroughly looked at each of the piece with April about to end.
    Surprisingly, there were over 1,000 pieces submitted for this challenge.
    I was just so thrilled and amazed at the talented skills of the PEN.ples.

    We said earlier in our notice for the April challenge that we will give full brush sets that can be used on Silk Paints APP and display to10 winners.
    We had hard time selecting the winners since there was high participation rate and of course fantastic pieces.

    Various criteria like participation frequency, theme and creativity, not just the popularity, were taken into consideration while selecting winners.
    The announcement on the winners will be made in a moment of time.
  • ■ Silk – colorful Animal
  • Among the animal drawings that used silk paints, I would like to introduce you to some of the vivid and eye-catching pieces first.
  • This drawing of a deer quietly standing and staring at the front is very cute. It is a reminiscence of a deer in a child's storybook.
  • Let's look at some of the drawings of fancy birds.

    zzz's drawing of a bird boasting its colorful crest is so fancy that it looks like a bird living in Rio, Brazil.
    MagicOfArt has submitted many animal drawings.
    We would like to show you a drawing of a splendid parrot which seems to be living in a subtropical rain forest.
    The way how Elmoghira drew the feather of a peacock Is so amazing. You can feel the dignity of the peacock In the drawing.
  • Pato.Cha's cyber-like cat seems like a cat living in a four-dimensional world with the rainbow lines surrounding it.
    Sketchy's brown-haired yorkshire terrier may look simple, but it is very sophisticated in terms of details.
  • ■ Silk – black and white or.
  • Now, let's have a look at some of other drawings which may not be as splendid or colorful as the previous ones but are drawn in chic-style with one or two lines of colors using Silk Paint.
  • First of all, Mariella's drawing of a cat seems like a poster where there is prominent difference between white and black. How Mariella expressed and drew a cat only with white line is so stylish.
    Abex's creativity Is shown through the drawing which depicted an agonized person only with white lines.

    There are also some drawings that used one more color in addition to white and black. When you look at the wolf drawing of MagicOfArt, who submitted a series of animal drawings for this challenge, you may imagine a wolf wandering around cold and calm winter forest. The blue lines touch the feet of a wolf.

    Enisheon's drawing has used black and white, along with red as a point color, and it gives somewhat fearful feeling. Is it an alien?
    The drawing has a movement that makes you think that the object will jump out in any moment like a three dimensional screen.
  • ■ Silk – Beautiful Women
  • There are also many drawings beside from the animals. Many users have submitted drawings of beautiful women.
    Marriell's Arts is a piece that depicted a woman's affluent and vivid colored hair and hairstyles.
  • The woman's beautiful eyes, lip colors and most of all, shining hair color caught eyesight.
    While Mariella has focused on the shining hair, Lunaestrella68 has depicted a woman with rainbow colored hairstyle.
    The beautiful profile of the woman and shining hair give a point of attraction.
  • ■ Silk – Dancing Queen
  • Now, let's move onto some other pieces that have added more creativity.
    This is a drawing where the user delicately applied the characteristic of Silk Paint Into the drawing.
  • The drawing portrays a woman who seems to be dancing with a ribbon.
    There seems to be much creativity in it. This drawing conveys Silk Paint's unique color touch and silkiness, which makes the drawing seem real.

    I am so amazed that a person can have this kind of creativity. Our users are so great. ZZZ has finished many drawings aside from women where the Silk Paint's style has been conveyed.
  • ■ Silk Paint _ Extra round
  • For the drawings that we are about to introduce to you in addition to the winners' pieces, we will focus on the painters Instead of the drawings while explaining.
    Some commented to this painter that he/she might be Silk Paint lecturer.
    Words of praise went on and on about the drawing. In addition, we have introduced about the painter previously since he had provided silk paint drawing tips for PENples.
  • For those who have not yet seen his drawing tips, just check out the 'Drawing tip'.
    Learn some useful silk paint tips and follow along while practicing.
  • He came out with a total new thinking of expressing exact line and shading just by using only the white brush of Silk Paint In Galaxy Note 4.
    He drew everything from people, animals, objects, and to landscapes, making PENPLes get awed.

    In addition, he connected Silk Paint with another drawing app to show different style.
    He even drew fire works above London's Tower Bridge and Sydney's Opera House.

    For me, who have been thinking that It would be nearly impossible to express anything with a razor line lines, this app can make you draw in various kinds of styles.
    This was also a chance for me to get to know our user's skills.

    So, total of 10 winners have been selected for the April challenge.
  • Please see below the names of 10 winners. ^_^
    - zzz
    - MagicOfArt
    - Elmoghira
    - Pato.Cha
    - sketchy
    - Mariella
    - Abex
    - enisheon
    - lunaestrella68
    - BacGyver

    The grand prize winner has been co-selected by Silk Paints development company and PEN.UP team.
    The ten winners will be granted with Silk Paints APP Brush full set and display picture.

    If you are included in the list, please send us an e-mail at penup.mgr@gmail.com.

    Congratulations everyone!

    If you want to download Silk Paints, Please Click here.