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[Interview] HOF October 2020 @ea_stasy

English poet and painter,
William Blake always put extra
emphasis on exploring the deep
recesses of the human soul,
which is why he enjoyed painting
images of the fantasies he saw
with his mind’s eye.

Naturally, he ended up painting
things people at the time could not
quite understand, no matter how hard
they tried to bend and twist
their own imaginations.

Some called him a dreamer.
But Blake did not seem to care.
He continued building his own world,
and now, he is hailed as a painter
with an artistic sense and style
that transcends the times.

User @ea_stasy,
who was selected for the Hall of
Fame in October is similar to Blake
in that she also tries to depict her
own fantasy world with delicate
and beautiful touches.

Her feed features sceneries
from nature infused
with her own unique style
and interpretation of subjects.

Some look straight out of
fairy tales, and seem like
they’re trying to explain some
unknown world to the audience.
Others look like they’re trying
to bring us along on
an interesting journey.

The mixture of light and darkness
in @ea_stasy’s work amplify
the dreamy ambiance of the sceneries
and subjects she is trying
to illustrate, making them look
that much more mysterious.

At PENUP, we were curious to learn
how @ea_stasy creates her beautify
work, and we wanted to hear
about the stories hidden behind
some of her drawings.

So, let’s dive into the interview
with @ea_stasy to get some answers
to our questions.

Hello, @ea_stasy. Thank you for
agreeing to this PENUP interview.

First of all, congratulations
on being inducted into the Hall of
Fame for the month of October.

Can you tell us a little about
yourself and how you feel being
selected as a Hall of Famer?

A1. @ea_stasy
Drawing is not my primary activity.

I am an engineer and practice
drawing in my free time.
That is why I found s-pen
environment very convenient
in my conditions.

I am still in very long process of
learning, so I feel very excited
and proud and motivated
with this reward.

I will try to keep posting new
inspiring drawings.

Your first post was in April 2019.

Since then, you have been active.
Can you tell us how you learned
about PENUP, and why you decided
to start sharing your work?

A2. @ea_stasy
PENUP app was pre-installed
on my new smartphone.
I have found it very comfortable
and cozy.

I liked the friendly PENUP community
and decided it is a good place
to start posting my works.

Your expressions are always
so delicate, and you fill your work
up with beautiful colors,
which is why it feels like
traveling through a fairy tale
when we look at your work.

What devices and apps do you
use to create your drawings?

A3. @ea_stasy
I think the color spectrum is
the main component of
the composition and its feeling.

That is why I need instruments
making it comfortable
to work with palette.

Namely I usually use
Autodesk sketchbook app
on Samsung Galaxy note 9
(on the go) and tab s6 (at home).

Apart from some of your
paintings we already looked at,
you’ve also featured plenty of
robots in your work.

You’ve even used robot animals.
Can you tell us why you use robots,
and what about robots attracts
you to them?

A4. @ea_stasy
My university background is highly
related to robotics and machines.

I think this is the main reason of
my addiction to robots in my works.

I like to combine artificial robotic
elements with nature.

In this way I try to make
my creatures very humane and alive.

We can often find fantasy
elements hidden inside
the beautiful sceneries you draw.

Where do you get your ideas,
and what do these expressions mean?

A5. @ea_stasy
I am fascinated with fantasy
since my childhood.

Worlds of “Lord of the Rings",
“The Elder Scrolls",
“Harry Potter “, “the dark tower",
etc. are in inexhaustible source of
my inspiration.

I read a lot and I think it helps me
to kick my inspiration.

Some paintings look like
they have been plucked straight
out of a fairy tale.
It’s difficult to tell if
this is a place from real life
or your imagination.

These places depicted in your work,
are they real places?
And we’re eager to hear why
and how you came to draw them.

A6. @ea_stasy
To say the truth,
as a basis for most drawings
I used common photo references
complementing them with fantasy
elements, colors and ideas.

I spend much time browsing photos
and art references searching
for something that will catch
my eye and match my spirits.

Also impressive were your portraits
with subjects bearing some vivid
expressions on their faces.

What inspired you to paint
portraits, and who do you
select for your portraits?

A7. @ea_stasy
I started to draw with simple pencil
and portrait works.
I like faces and live
expressions very much.

I could sit many hours carefully
drawing each wrinkle and shadow.
In a public places I like
to observe human facial expressions
and sometimes feeling embarrassed
when they catch my stare.

For my portraits works I like
to choose actors with expressive
faces or random emotional photos.

Given the beautiful color choices,
delicate expressions of light
and darkness, it seems like each
painting might take quite
a while to complete.

How long does it take to finish
a piece from start to finish?

A8. @ea_stasy
I draw mostly for fun.

That is why I try not to linger
on the same art for a long time
(it becomes boring).
Firstly I have tried to make all
the details perfect resulting
in 8-10 hours for work.

But recently I make more accent
to the general atmosphere
and a composition.
So average time for a single work is
reduced to 1-3 hours.

This is my secret of producing
a solid one art a day.

Among the works you have uploaded
on PENUP so far, do you have
a personal favorite?

Do you have a particular genre
or subject you would like
to try painting in the future?

A9. @ea_stasy
I can’t pick one favorite drawing.
Here are some favorites
from different subjects.

As of now I am participating
in inktober challenge.

This is a good opportunity
to try different subjects
and find new ideas.

I advice everyone to try to complete
this challenge and participate
in PENUP challenges too.:)

Here is the last question.
While using PENUP,
please let us know if there are
any improvements that are needed
or any stories you’d like to share?

A10. @ea_stasy
I would like to see a dedicated
section with similar arts
when I open some particular art.

It would be helpful
to find inspiration.

Did you enjoy our interview
with @ea_stasy?

William Blake once said,
“see a world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.”

@ea_stasy also uses small subjects
and objects in nature to create
so many different worlds.

Why not try that for yourself?
Start with something small
to imagine a bigger world?

Do you know that story about a dad
turning his child’s scribbles
into a grand piece of art?

If you take a closer look at
the little things and continue using
your imagination, we believe you can
create beautiful pieces of art
with your own new imagined worlds.

And we hope you can share your work
with PENUP to give everyone a chance
to enjoy new fantasy worlds.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team