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[Challenge] 2020. October: Let's draw Smile

What comes to your mind
when you think about the word smile?

It could be the innocent smile of
a child, it could be the gentle
smile of parents looking at their
child, or it could be smiles of
appreciation between people
as they exchange gifts.

Of course, you might think of
the blissful smile of a person
who has met his/her loved one,
or the kind smile of a person
serving other people that requires
plenty of effort and practice.

These smiles make not just
the person smiling happy,
but also the people looking
at their smile happy.

The subject of this month’s
challenge is ‘Smile’ that makes you
and the people around you happy.

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My son's million dollar smile
/ @BacGyver
Brown* smile / @kinz

According to research,
we use 43 muscles in our body
when we get angry and 62 muscles
when we get surprised.
How about when we smile?
We only use 26 muscles.
This leads to less fatigue
and fewer wrinkles.

Also, much like yawning
and sneezing, smiles are known
to be contagious.
When people start smiling
with one another, they build a sense
of goodwill between themselves,
and they allay any negative emotions
they may have inside them.

After all,
there is a reason why people say,
“If you laugh, blessings will
come your way.”
Countless people throughout history
have seen their lives completely
change as a result of smiling more.

smile / @wanime

Smiling is also good
for your health.

A smile can be an intimate,
friendly act that attracts
other people.
It can also release the heart
from hanging onto anger,
and help the mind relax.

A smile can have other physical

benefits as well, including
improvements to memory
and concentration levels,
alleviation of stress,
and the stimulation of
organs and muscles.

that is why the ancient Greeks
built hospitals near an amphitheater
or concert hall.
They wanted patients to hear
the joyful sounds from these venues
and help cure not only the body
but also the mind.

smile cat~^^ / @akira
smile / @DarkOptimus82

On average, a child smiles and
laughs more than 400 times a day.
But, more often than not, adults
don’t even laugh 20 times a day.
Some don’t smile even once a day.

Now, what kind of face are you
making at this very moment?

Although not as effective
as a genuine smile,
a forced smile can gradually
change things for the better.
As you try to make an effort
to smile, it results in good
influences that can benefit
you personally.

Every once in a while,
try to look in the mirror and smile
to yourself, or try to greet others
with a smiling face.
It might just make you as well as
everyone around you happier.

So, this week, draw what makes you
smile or draw what you look like
when you smile, and send it in for
our PENUP challenge.

We hope our “smile” challenge
can inject some energy
and happiness into everyone’s lives.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 16 days
from October. 16(Fri) to
October. 31(Sat).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team