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[Review] Challenge of September (2)

The main subject of our latest
challenge was the “lion,”
a majestic creature with a beautiful
mane and often referred to as
the “king of animals.”
For us, the lion is a particularly
intriguing animal because we rarely
get the opportunity to see them
in real life.

Before we get into the artwork,
let’s watch a video of
our latest winners.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the Second challenge of September

Plenty of PENUP users sent in lions
of all shapes, sizes, and colors.
We had a great time imagining
the story behind each piece of art,
and thinking where lions live
and how they behave.
All in all, it was a great
opportunity for us to learn about
an animal we never normally get
to see over the course of
our daily lives.

We’d like to thank all of
our users who participated
in this month’s challenge
with some beautiful drawings.

Let’s go ahead and check out
our winners of the month.

☆ L I O N ☆ / @z3dmax
The rest of the king / @Abex

Do you see his tightly shut mouth,
as if he does not want
to make a peep?
Do you see his piercing
and ferocious gaze?
This lion looks like it is
on the prowl, looking
for some prey to hunt.
Relax for a second, and you can bet
that he’s going to pounce.
This imposing portrait of a lion was
drawn by @z3dmax.

On this next one,
we have a lion with a flowing
mane sitting in the tree shade
on a hilltop. He looks so relaxed.
Except for the birds flying over
the lake, there are no other
animals in sight.
It just seems the has found a quiet
place alone to take a nice break.
Thank you @Alex for sending
that one in.

Hunter Leaping / @HTH
Львёнок / @owenok

This lion looks like its determined
to get over that crevasse.
As it jumps over the valley,
its mane is flowing in the air.
It makes us wonder why
this lion is risking its life
to jump over the cliff.
Is it on the hunt?
Or is it just roaming its territory?
What do you think?
This piece was done by @HTH.

See this baby lion sitting down?
Its eyes seem to be full of wariness
and curiosity at the same time.
Lions look so small and cute
when they’re cubs.
But when they grow up, they become
the kings of the savanna.
It’s another reason why
nature is so magical.
Shout out to @owenok for
that beautiful baby lion.

Dount Lion / @feltboy
Happines lion bae ;) / @heylulu

Add a Pon de Ring donut around
a dog’s face, and you have
a cute little lion.
But the wagging tail gives it away.
This cute little dog might be
wagging its tail so fast because
it’s expecting a sweet treat,
or because it’s happy to see its
friend holding up the donut.
This cute little “dog x donut” was
sent in by @feltboy.

Here, we seem to have a cute lion
enjoying a nice walk outside.
Its round face and fluffy mane make
us want to hug it and hold it tight.
And judging by its smile
and the knowing look on its face,
this lion seems to know
just how cute he is.
Thank you @heylulu for
sending that one in.

Lion / @samaneh.zndhdl
Mate / @yVo

Every strand of hair in this lion’s
mane is billowing in the air against
some strong headwind.
Given the way he has his mouth
slightly opened and the fact
that he is facing directly into
the wind make it seem like he is
enjoying the wind in his face.
This picture was drawn
by @samaneh.zndhdl.

The lion grooming his lioness may
look sweet and romantic,
but for carnivores, grooming is
something they have to do before
they go hunting to hide their odor.
Here, maybe it could be both.
The two lions might be getting ready
for a hunt and bonding
with each other at the same time.
That one was from @yVo.

憧れ/aspiration / @azu
Brawl Of The King / @Dr.Gazi

The face of a lion is reflected
in the gorgeous mirror
that the cat looked at.
Lions and cats, animals of the same
family, have similarities.
The mirror seems to reflect
the cat's desire to become like
a lion.
This painting is by @azu
with a clever imagination.

The lion's roaring loudly standing
at the edge of a cliff seems
to express that he has overcome
competitors and has become the ruler
of the broad forest.
This painting, which adds a sense of
mystery to the night sky expressed
by dots, is by @Dr.Gazi.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The First challenge of October,
‘Let’s draw Plane’ is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team