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[Challenge] 2020. October : Let's draw plane

For a long, long time,
people weren’t able
to fly through the sky.
But ever since the airplane was
invented, people have continued
to hone and refine airplanes.

Companies have made small aircrafts
capable of transporting one
or two passengers, all the way
to jumbo jets that can carry
hundreds of passengers at once,
or cargo planes that can haul
massive loads of cargo
around the world.

Not only that, we now have fighter
jets flying at supersonic speed,
seaplanes that can float, take off,
and land on the water, planes
that can take off vertically,
and drones that fly without
a human pilot inside.
Thery're so many different types of
airplane flying overhead these days.
So, can you guess what our latest
challenge is about?
It’s the mode of transport
that made humanity’s dream of
flying come true - ‘Plane’

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imagejust a plane in the sky.
/ @ucru
Adventure / @CopterPpkZz

Our ancestors never had
the ability to fly.
Naturally, they believed the sky was
where the gods lived because of all
the mysterious natural phenomena
that happened in the sky.

The sky started to lose its luster,
however, when airplanes made it
possible to fly the sky
and observe weather patterns.

Today, weather stations collect some
of their weather data using planes.
Specifically, these airplanes tasked
with weather observation collect
700,000 types of weather-related
data, such as temperature,
wind speed, and wind direction.
Based on this, weather stations
make more detailed forecasts.

To British Columbia / @PKBrar
Standard holiday photo / @jackgal347

the airliners we’re most familiar
with could only carry just over
20 passengers in its early days.

But soon,
the jet engine was developed,
which gave airliners enough
power to carry more passengers.
Jet engines also helped
engineers develop jet fighters
capable of reaching supersonic
speeds in the air.

At one point, we did have
a passenger airliner
that could fly at supersonic speed,
but because of a myriad of reasons,
it was decommissioned in 2003.

aeronautical companies are
developing new types of supersonic
airliners using eco-friendly energy
and new technologies.
So, it seems we’ll get to fly
at much faster supersonic speeds
when we go and see our friends
all over the world, after all.

paper plane / @ImanAljafri
Penup plane / @BAMBOO-CIN

Now, PENUP uses
a paper plane in its logo.
But did you know paper planes were
used for scientific research?

Engineers flew paper planes
to study the characteristics of
flight, including wind resistance,
and used their findings across
the board when designing new planes.

Today, paper planes are
not just for kids.
Plenty of adults enjoy paper
planes as a hobby.
There are competitions every year
to see who can throw a paper plane
the longest distance, who can keep
paper planes in the air the longest,
or who can execute the trickiest
flight patterns in the air.

So, how about drawing a paper plane
you would like to fold yourself,
and imagining what it might
feel like to participate
in one of those research
projects or competitions?

You can draw anything from paper
planes to other airplanes,
and express your dreams of
flying through the sky
for this month’s challenge.

We’re already excited to see all
sorts of planes traveling
to different destinations
on our challenge feed.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days from October. 1(Thu)
to October. 15(Thu).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team