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[Interview] HOF September 2020 @TammyShannon

George Innes,
widely regarded as "the father of
American landscape painting,”
was best-known for the mystical
ambiance he was able to add
to his paintings
as a landscape painter.

He explored the harmony
between the human mind,
human spirit, and nature
for his paintings, and found ways
to reflect his inner feelings
in his work to convey
the mystical powers of nature.

who has been selected
as the Hall of Fame inductee
for the month of September,
infuses her work the mystical
elements of nature, similar
to what George Innes used
to do with his paintings.

@TammyShannon’s work features
a wide variety of scenes
from nature that creates a mystical,
fantastical atmosphere.

She uses soft and rough painting
techniques together to draw nature
in a way that looks vivid
yet dreamy at the same time.

Also, with her unique
perspective towards nature,
@TammyShannon draws forests,
rivers, the sea, and other
landscapes as if the audience was
right in front of the real thing.

Looking at @TammyShannon’s
vivid paintings often makes
the audience wonder,
“Where is this place?”
and “Why did she draw this?”

So, without further ado,
let’s get into our interview
with @TammyShannon.

Hello, @TammyShannon.
Thank you for agreeing
to this PENUP interview.
First of all, congratulations
on being inducted into the Hall of
Fame for the month of September.
Can you tell us a little
about yourself and how you feel
being selected as a Hall of Famer?

A1. @TammyShannon
I am amazed,
there is so much talent out there.
I am so beside myself.
Wow, someone pinch me please.

For starters,
I have always loved Art!
If there was an elective when I was
in school, I was taking art.
It always been a passion of mine.

I have taken a few classes
at Larry Gluck Mission Renaissance
and a Faux Class
at Martin Alan Hirsh Studio.

I have had a business
that I tried to get off the ground
called A Faux Design and Imagination
had to stop that and go
to work full time.

I was really sad about it
because that was my dream job,
but market crashed
and the fun came to an end.

You posted your first piece
in April 2018.
Since then, you have been extremely
active on PENUP, uploading
a variety of paintings.

How did you come to know PENUP,
and what prompted you
to upload your work?

A2. @TammyShannon
Well my sister started dating
a guy and I found him
drawing on his phone.

I started asking questions,
got my new phone
and checked out some apps.

I found PENUP was the one for me,
I fell in love. 1. no mess
and 2. No clean up.
A painters dream!!!

It seems you enjoy drawing
beautiful natural landscapes.

What devices and apps do you use
to create your paintings?

A3. @TammyShannon
I use my phone Samsung Galexy 8,
the apps I have chosen number
1. PENUP, 2. Auto Desk Scetchbook.

Nature plays a large part
in your work, and you have done
a great job illustrating
various scenes from nature.

What specifically about nature
appeals to you, and how did you
come to the decision
to create landscape paintings?

Also, if you have a particular
object or subject from nature
you like the most,
can you tell us what it is?

A4. @TammyShannon
I love nature and the out doors.
It fascinate me how our earth is
a piece of art.

It all has rhyme and reason
with a purpose.

The light that dances
and makes you feel warm,
the water and it's movement
with curiosity, the fields
and meadows that hold stories.

With some of your work,
you have captured the passing of
time or changes in the weather.

Can you tell us what prompted you
to illustrate these things?

Also, do you have anything else
you would like to express
through your work?

A5. @TammyShannon
A lot of what I paint comes
from dreams or day dreams.

I love to camp and travel
and I am left with visions.

Time is precious
and if we can capture it
and share it, it's awesome!

Some of your paintings feature
places where people live or people
just going about their lives.

Could you tell us
where these places are,
and why you decided to draw them?

A6. @TammyShannon
That's easy,
my imagination mostly.

It takes me to many places.

Or it has been something
I have experienced
and it left me with an impression.

You have paintings of people camping
or riding motorcycles.
They are very eye-catching.

Do you like these activities
yourself in real life?
And what inspired you
to draw these activities?

A7. @TammyShannon
I love these activities,
I love the outdoors.

Nature is part of my soul,
and painting helps me Express it.

I can go anywhere with painting,
when I am not able to go anywhere.
Self expression is good
for the soul.

Your paintings feature a variety of
different places, rather than
focusing on a specific location.
Do these places exist in real life?

Also, you seem to travel
to a lot of places.
Do you travel often?
Are there any places
you would like to recommend?

A8. @TammyShannon
Mostly just in my thoughts.
I would love to travel more.
But when I can't the canvas
and my I magination are my map.

Among the works you have uploaded
on PENUP so far,
do you have a personal favorite?

Do you have a particular genre
or subject you would like
to try painting in the future?

A9. @TammyShannon
I Love the lighthouse
with the ocean crashing around it,
my next favorite is the sunset
with two people walking
on the beach.

Reflections and light are
what I would like to get better at.

I would love to be able
to paint people,
I am terrible at painting people.

Here is the last question.
While using PENUP,
please let us know if there are
any improvements that are needed
or any stories you’d like to share?

A10. @TammyShannon
My experience with PENUP
has been amazing,
the people are so wonderful
and encouraging it makes you
want to do better.

I have learned from so many of
the artists that are on here.

I love watching the live drawings,
it gives me ideas
and I learn from them.

With that said,
I would like to thank you all
for your help in making me
a better painter.

Did you enjoy our interview
with @TammyShannon?

George Innes traveled all over
the U.S. in his later years,
and had a passion and relentless
desire to paint throughout
his entire life.

That’s why he was able
to leave behind more than
1,150 paintings.

Like George Innes,
@TammyShannon is an artist
who inspires us with he passion
to draw a number of different
natural landscapes and scenes
from people’s daily lives.

If you were intrigued
by our interview with @TammyShannon,
why not try your hand
at drawing something from nature?

Head out into the wild and spend
some time feeling nature,
and paint its vividness
and energy with PENUP.

I think it will be a great
opportunity to get some
new inspiration for your art.

And use that inspiration
to bring some fresh
and natural energy to PENUP.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team