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[Challenge] 2020. September: Let's draw Lion

When people come face to face
with lions, they notice a variety
of different things.

First of all, lions are much bigger
than what most people would expect.
People look at the majestic mane
lions have and start to understand
why monarchies around the world
liked to use lions as a symbol of
their sovereign power.

Lions also have thick feet
that look powerful enough
to smash through whatever obstacle
that is in front of them, and sharp
teeth that help them hunt for prey.
Soon, people realize just
how terrifying lions can be
as predators.

On the other hand, lions tend
to take long naps in the shade,
and chasing away flies
with their long tails with a tuft of
fur on the very end.
All in all, lions have
a number of different sides
that can stimulate our imagination.

The main theme of
this next challenge is the king
of the African savanna,
the king of all animals
- the ‘Lion’

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A Lonely King under the Moon
/ @BacGyver
Lion / @Alejandro777

Perhaps the most notable feature of
a lion might be its full mane.
But remember, only lions have manes.
Lionesses don’t.
Also, the size and color of
a lion’s mane differ depending
on where the lion is from.

Manes can grow darker with age,
and it is said that the thickness
and denseness of a mane can very
depending on the specific region
the lion lives in.
Some lions don’t have a mane at all,
making them similar
in appearance with lionesses.

Although lions developed manes
to look more imposing,
they are hot and heavy,
which is why lions tire much more
quickly than lionesses.
Also, lions are excluded from hunts
because their mains make it easier
for their prey to spot them.
This, undoubtedly,
is one of the reasons
why lions are considered lazy.

Family / @TitusCrow
Lion family in the zoo / @Chris_Lee

The lion is the only species
in the cat family
that lives in packs.

Typically, one or two lions live
with a harem of lionesses.
This pack is called a “pride.”
And each pride has its own domain.

Lionesses, which are lighter
on their feet, hunt for food,
while lions stay with the cubs
to protect them
from potential predators.

Now, you may have heard of the myth
that lions drop their cubs
off a cliff to raise only the ones
that survive.
This, however, is simply not true.
A lioness is fiercely protective
of her cubs, and under certain
circumstances, it is known
to protect other young animals
even they might be considered prey
under normal circumstances.

The King / @ irvan
Lion queen / @hosio

Lions are considered strong
and courageous animals
in a variety of cultures,
which is why they are
popular as symbols.

Royal families often use lions
in their sigils as a symbol of
royal power, and several sports
teams and companies use lions
as their mascots.

The Golden Lion (the grandest prize
given at the Venice Film Festival),
also comes from the winged lion,
the symbol of Venice
where the Festival is held every year.

It might be a great idea
to draw lions used in symbols you
might have seen before somewhere.

Try and capture lions out in nature
or lions used as symbols with PENUP,
and submit your work
for this month’s challenge.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days
from September. 16(Wed) to
September. 30(Wed).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team