2020-09-14. AM 02:32
@nuni Interview on Israeli Samsung Facebook

Hello, everyone!
This is an announcement from
the PENUP team.

With Samsung launching
the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Tab 7,
drawing with mobile devices
and PENUP is gaining more attention.

Samsung’s official Facebook account
for Israel hosted a live cast,
introducing the Galaxy Note 20
and Galaxy Tab 7.

Most notably for us,
Samsung invited PENUP user
and artist @nuni,
who was inducted into PENUP’s
Hall of Fame in May 2018,
to the live cast for an interview.

In the interview,
@nuni took the viewers through
his work,
shared how he came across
digital drawing,
and explained why drawing art with
the Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab
is so appealing.

He also heaped praise
on the new Spen,
saying that it’s the second time
he’s fallen so much in life
- @nuni says the first time
he fell in love was when
he met his wife.

The Facebook live session
and interview with @nuni was
a great chance to
introduce his wonderful drawings
to viewers from around the world,
promote digital drawing to consumers
who previously had never heard
of the concept,
and attract new attention to PENUP.

If you’d like to see @nuni’s
interview on Facebook,
please out through
the following link.

Shortcut to @nuni Interview Video

PENUP would like to thank @nuni
for joining the Facebook live cast
to share his work
and give a nice interview.

We look forward to more of @nuni’s
beautiful drawings on PENUP!

PENUP will always strive to become
a platform where everyone
can be happy by drawing pictures
and communicating with other users.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team