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[Review] Challenge of August (2)

Imagine a majestic ship sailing
on the water, blending in perfectly
with the landscape.
Such a picturesque scenery,
isn’t it?

The main subject for this latest
PENUP challenge was “ship.”

We’ve prepared a video of
our winners this month,
so let’s take a look.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the Second challenge of August

The feed for this month’s challenge
featured a wide variety of
ships and boats in different
shapes and sizes.
And thanks to our PENUP users
sending in ships sailing along
in some wonderful landscapes,
we felt like we were going on a trip
to different destinations.

So, shout out to all of
our users who participated
in this month’s challenge
with some awesome drawings.

Let’s go ahead and check out
our winners of the month.

SHIP 뗏목배 / @jinhee
Remote Island Get Away / @Angrulla

Here, we have a couple of
rafts floating along a river.
From the helmsman steering the raft,
to the oarsmen propelling
the raft forward, this picture shows
a crew of people working together
to reach a common destination.
The raft gliding along the water,
which used to be a popular way
to travel for our ancestors,
was drawn by @jinhee.

Take a moment and imagine
how it would feel to climb up
an observation deck on top of
a mountain and look around
with the world at your feet.
Mountains in the distance with lush,
green trees might look like
little hills, and a large ship
will billowing sails might
look like a toy boat.
This beautiful drawing,
which pictures the world
as a beautiful miniature world,
was drawn by @Angrulla.

Bote / @rimbo875
Bon voyage / @sulakshana

The sun dyes the sky
in a splendid tapestry of colors,
and the calm lake with a small boat
on it looks like a mirror reflecting
the colorful sky.
This picture by @rimbo875 makes you
want to climb on that boat,
and row out into the lake
to take in that scenery.

In this picture,
we see a magnificent clipper
with its lights on
and the glistening blue ocean
creating a fantastic atmosphere.
The light shining brightly
through the clouds in the distance
seems like a lighthouse
for the clipper, guiding it
to its destination.
This picture was created
by @sulakshana.

On the waves / @ea_stasy
(Untitled) / @vlad

We have another ship smashing
through the rough water,
leaving a pack of clouds
behind in the background.
Ships fold their sails
when the wind is blowing.
So, things might look peaceful now,
but a storm might be approaching
fast from over the horizon.
Thank you @ea_stasy
for sending that in.

See the seagulls circling
the overcast sky, looking for food?
And the boats in different colors
moored in front of a row of
buildings seem like
they’re waiting to weigh anchor.
This inviting scenery
from a charming little floating
city was drawn by @vlad.

Ship / @IJF
Speedracer! / @ArtVadeR

This cat, with its back
to a vase full of beautiful flowers,
seems to have its eyes transfixed
on a dinghy sailing away
into the distance.
The cat might be yearning
to hop on the boat and journey
to the open seas.
This piece was done by @IJF.

A motorboat is trying
to get over a towering wave.
The way the captain has
an exhilarated look on his face,
and the striking lines seem
to express the strength of
the wave as much
as the speed of the boat.
All of these come together
to add a sense of tension
and pace to the picture.
Congratulations, @ArtVadeR,
on your fantastic work.

Ghost Ship!! / @Prashant
Ship / @Zahra

Through the eerie, green fog,
you’ll see the silhouette of
a ghostly ship with ragged sails.
A number of countries and seas
around the world have legends of
phantom ships sailing alone
in the water without any crew.
What do you think happened
to this phantom ship?
This picture was sent
in by @Prashant.

Inside the light bulb is a picture
of a sailboat floating on the sea.
It has become more
and more difficult
to find incandescent lamps
since they’re deemed inefficient
compared to modern LED bulbs.
Make an ornament shaped like this
might be a great way to recycle
an old incandescent light bulb.
Thank you @Zahra for submitting your
work for this month’s challenge.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The First challenge of September,
‘Let’s draw Candy’ is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team