2015-05-01. AM 12:45
  • Hello^^ PEN.ples~

    Super heroes are the ones that may rescue us when we are attacked by the devils.
    They sometimes make us happy with their wit.

    Our next challenge is about the super heroes who have maybe forgotten.

    I was fond of Super Hero movie or cartoons when I was young. When you think of a hero, many names would come up: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man or Wonder Woman.

    The challenge for May is themed "Let's Draw Super Heroes".
    Many of our PENples have drawn Super Heroes from the past.
    Since each of the user has his/her own creativity and originality, although they draw the same heroes, the results may be totally different, which Is very interesting.

    Although there are somewhat rascal-like heroes for our next challenge, it doesn't matter at all.
    It is just another charming point of a hero and another way of showing the different perspectives of a hero.

    The winners of this challenge will receive the handy selfie stick.
    But, remember to submit only the drawings that match the theme.

    If you have other heroes that you favor, please share with PENples and discuss it.
    It seems that the challenge will let us fly back to the past and reflect our memories.