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[Challenge] 2020. September : Let's draw Candy

Candies that fill your mouth
with sweetness are a popular choice
for many people when they’re looking
for a quick snack.

Remarkably, there are more than
2,000 different types of candies
around the world. That’s a lot.

Among the most commonly available
candies are those small hard candies,
which you might have nearby
at this very moment.
Some candies come on a stick,
allowing us to hold them
in our hands.
We call these candies lollipops.

We also have cotton candies
that melt in the mouth,
chewing candies that are soft
and chewable, and popping candies
that pop and crackle
once you put them inside your mouth.

But wait! There’s more.
There’s the sticky nougat made
with various nuts, and bonbons
that are hard on the outside
but soft on the inside.
Oh, in case you haven’t noticed,
the main theme of this week’s
challenge is ‘candy’
one of the most popular snacks
in the world made by setting sugar
into all sorts of different shapes.

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Lollipop / @Aloha_C
cotton candy ☁️ / @Sumaiya

Historians say that candy was
first made in India.

Before that, people did make sweets
with honey but candy made with sugar
captivated the palate of people
with its extreme sweetness,
and soon, spread across
the world like wildfire.

But because sugar was
a very valuable ingredient,
it wasn’t as easy
to come across as a snack even
for nobles and aristocrats.
In some cases, candies were used as medicine.

Candies became an easy-to-find,
accessible snack when sugar became
more widely available, and machines
made mass production easier
after the Industrial Revolution.

candy crushed / @basheeth
Candy Machine / @feltboy

Candies have been a staple
in people’s diets for a long time.
So naturally, there are plenty
of stories involving candies.

Fruit candies,
which taste like various fruits,
were made as a source of vitamins
to be consumed in regions
with long winters.

Drops were influenced by gemstones
and spices from India,
which is why they look clear
like gemstones and come
in such a wide variety of flavors.

Meanwhile, cotton candy
became a popular snack because of
a dentist, which is fairly ironic.
The cotton candy machine was
introduced to the public
at an exhibition.
Remarkably, it is said
that 70,000 units were sold
during that exhibition alone.

candy cottage / @SPR
candy man~ / @monggle_legacy

Most candies are made by setting
molten sugar, then waiting
for it to become hard again.
That is why candies come
in a variety of unique shapes
and sizes.

Some candies are shaped
like a person’s hand, while others
are shaped like an animal or object,
Some even have syrup or gum inside.

One particular candy
on the market is designed
to look like a planet.

If you were to make your own candy,
what shape would you like
to make it in?

For this month’s challenge,
you can draw candies you would
like to try, candies you’ve designed
yourself, or candies in all sorts
of different shapes.

Hopefully, everyone’s work will
add plenty of sweetness
to this month’s challenge feed!

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days from September. 1(Tue)
to September. 15(Tue).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

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