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[HOF] August 2020 @TammyShannon

With the industrialization of modern
societies, the word “landscape”
came to imply “nature.”

For thousands of years,
people lived in harmony with nature.
Naturally, people missed nature.
And, over time, the word landscape
reminded people of natural scenery.

When people look at landscape
paintings, they often ask
countless questions, and feel
a sense of mystery or grandeur.
That is because landscape
paintings typically feature
breathtaking scenes from nature.

For the month of September,
PENUP inducted @TammyShannon
into the Hall of Fame.
@TammyShannon is known for her
use of beautiful colors
and unique perspectives of nature.

In fact, her feed includes a number
of different natural landscapes.

She focuses on painting various
locations, including rivers,
the sea, forests, and mountains.

uses pretty colors
and different techniques
to illustrate natural landscapes
that look perfect
as a travel destination.

With her paintings,
@TammyShannon depicts
the majesty and mystery of nature,
and she presents her audience
with paintings that evoke
a broad spectrum of emotions.

In addition to landscape paintings,
@TammyShannon also
draws scenes from people’s
everyday lives or objects in
a uniquely charming way.
Sometimes, she paints portraits or
a fantasy world of her own making,
which gives the audience
a window into her capacity
to imagine different things.

So, stop by
@TammyShannon’s feed
right now, and take a look
at her work featuring beautiful
natural landscapes and scenes
from her imagination.

Also, don’t forget to leave
a comment to congratulate
er induction into the Hall of Fame,
and press the “Like” button
on her work when you visit
@TammyShannon’s fanbook.
PENUP will soon host an interview
with @TammyShannon,
so please keep an eye out
for new updates.

Thank you.

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