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[Review] Challenge of August (1)

Hot, sandy beaches with colorful
parasols, and beautiful waves
lapping on the sand.

That’s right! The main subject
for this month’s challenge
was the “Beach.”

First, we have a couple of videos
introducing the winners of
this month’s challenge.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the First challenge of August

This month’s challenge feed was
full of beaches from all over
the world with people enjoying
their time at the beach
in all sorts of ways.

We could almost hear the waves
crashing onto the beach.
It made us really want
to just leave everything,
and head out to the beach.

So, thank you for participating
in the challenge this month.

Well then, shall we go ahead
and check out the winners
of this month’s challenge?

before and after / @Dexter
Côte d'Azur, Nice 2020 / @GAOER

In this picture,
we have a person with a surfboard
looking out into the ocean.
It seems like the sun disappearing
over the horizon, and the calm waves
have stopped him in his tracks.
He probably had a full day
surfing on the beach.
What do you think he is
thinking about?
This surfer and the beach
were drawn by @Dexter.

Next, we have a little boy walking
along the beach with his mother.
As you have noticed
from the variety of colors used
in this picture, the beach
they’re walking along is somewhere
on the French Riviera.
Walking along this beautiful beach,
while holding his mother’s hand
will most likely remain
in the boy’s memory for a lifetime.
This piece was done by @GAOER.

Beach in my dream / @Iroda
the Last Beach (colored sketch)
/ @HTH

Here, we have a couple of girls
sitting at a bus stop on the beach.
They’re playing the guitar
and singing a song.
Out in the distance,
you can see creatures from the ocean
shining through the clouds
as if they’re poking their heads out
to listen to the two girls singing.
This fantastic pink beach
was drawn by @lroda.

In this next picture,
we have a child building
a sandcastle in a sandbox inside
what appears to be a spaceship.
Instead of actually being
on the beach, the ocean
on the wall is just a projection.
In the distant future,
if people come to live in space,
this might be the way
to enjoy some time on the beach.
This piece was done by @HTH.

Jumeirah Beach / @Algyz
(Untitled) / @samaneh.zndhdl

The building on the edge of
the wavy beach that looks
like a billowing sail is
the Burj Al Arab Hotel.
Enjoying the unique and interesting
view of a building seemingly
floating on the water might be
an interesting experience to have.
This picture of the Jumeirah Beach
in Dubai was created by @Algyz.

Waves breaking violently
on the beach, the frothy water,
and heavy clouds in the distance,
suggest that the weather is
about to clear up.
When the clouds completely pass,
and the sun comes out again,
plenty of people will
head down to the beach.
This picture was
drawn by @samaneh.zndhdl.

Beach / @Accjan
Beach / @Hedan

Through the branches stretching out
into the ocean you can see a sandy
beach, blue waters, and a clear sky.
It would be really nice to see
this scenery on a boat while
floating around near the beach.
Thanks @Accjan for sending that in.

When you ask people to think
about the South Pacific, most would
think of palm trees, sandy beaches,
and the blue ocean.
Imagine actually seeing the very
scenery you see in this picture.
You’ll probably squeal with joy
and a happy smile on your face.
This piece was drawn by @Hedan.

•°☆BEACH ☆•° / @Tunisienne
(Untitled) / @pink_sky325

When the water recedes,
revealing the sandy beach
that was hidden under the water,
you’ll see a whole host of sea
creatures left behind on the sand.
Here, we see some conch, shells,
and starfish that weren’t
washed away with the receding water.
This fantastic green sandy beach
was created by @Tunisienne.

The sunlight peeking through
the forest is adding a variety
of colors to the water,
creating an even more
attractive ambiance.
The forest surrounding the beach,
islands in the distance,
and the boats out at sea
all seem to add to the fantastic
scenery of this picture.
This picture was drawn
by @ pink_sky325.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The Second challenge of August,
‘Let’s draw Ship’ is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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