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[Challenge] 2020. August : Let's draw Ship

Human culture and civilization were
born on the banks of major rivers
around the world, and they grew
by interacting with each other
through the seas and oceans.

To navigate various bodies of water,
people relied primarily on boats,
which were designed in various
shapes or structures depending on
what they were going to be used for.

We have rowing boats,
sailboats with multiple sails
used when crossing the high seas.

Pleasure boats gliding along rivers,
cruise ships that are often called
“hotels on the sea,”
and cargo vessels that carry
vast loads of goods
to different destinations.

We also have icebreakers used
to push through the ice
in the polar regions,
and submarines that help people
travel underwater.
In other words,
we have a number of different ships
and vessels currently crisscrossing
rivers and oceans.

So, for this month’s challenge,
we chose ‘Ship’ that help people
cross various bodies of water
as our main theme.

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THE SHIP / @nuni
Ship / @Grafixguru

Ships were indispensable tools over
the course of human development.

They connected places
that were otherwise segregated,
and facilitated the transfer
of cultural elements,
including science and technology,
to different parts of the world.

Not only that, ships helped people
discover new crops in the New World,
which had a huge impact
on the population boom
in recent centuries.

With the advent of airplanes,
ships have become less important
as a mode of transportation.
But, they still own
the largest share in global trade.
Right now, we have more than
50,000 cargo vessels transporting
goods to different parts
of the world.

Cruise Ship / @glorynavarro
RMS Titanic, 1912. / @Balsamello

Ships come in a number
of different shapes and sizes.
And they also come
in a variety of materials.

Early on, people used the trunks of
fallen trees as floating devices.
Then, they started digging out
the middle of trees
and weaved reeds or leather
to build rudimentary boats.

After that, people started
to use water-resistant wood
processed as lumber.
Building a boat requires vast
amounts of lumber,
which is perhaps why the size of
a fleet or number of vessels
was once regarded as a symbol of
a country’s might and power.

Today, technological advancements
have helped shipwrights
to build ships with mostly steel.
But, in some cases, ships are built
with aluminum or plastic.

And apparently,
ome people had made ships
with concrete in the past
when steel was in short supply.

Sail away/@Azmarina
Sailing ship/@ssadai

Nowadays, when a ship stops
sailing and retires,
some of them get disassembled
and the parts get recycled.
But some are kept intact
to serve a variety of purposes.

Large ships can have
their interior renovated
and become a hotel or restaurant.
Ships with historical value,
are sometimes turned into museums.

If you have a chance
to renovate your own ship,
how would you do it?

Draw ships you would like
to climb aboard,
boats you’ve imagined about,
or whatever aspect of a ship,
and try your hand
in this month’s challenge.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 16 days
from August. 16(Sun) to
August. 31(Mon).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

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