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[Review] Challenge of July (2)

Sometimes, a single picture
can tell a thousand words.

The theme of this month’s challenge
was “My Emoji.”

In case you’re unfamiliar
with the term “emoji,” it refers
to a simple pictograph that
represents a particular emotion.

First, we have a couple of videos
introducing the winners of
this month’s challenge.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the Second challenge of July

A lot of you sent in your emojis.
Some of you created different emojis
using various objects,
while others sent in emojis
capturing a particular action
of expression.

There were so many great emojis
to choose from.
And we had a great time imagining
what each emoji was trying
to represent.

So, thank you for participating
in the challenge this month.

Well then, shall we go ahead
and check out the winners of
this month’s challenge?

Penup Emo'jet / @BAMBOO-CIN
The emoji succulents / @NurSulaiman

Here, we have emojis
on the Penup Emo’jet,
getting ready to go skydiving.
Each emoji has a different face.
One looks like it’s almost fainting
as it jumps overboard,
one looks its nervous,
and the last one looks excited.
If you were in that situation,
how do you think your face
would look like?
This was created
and sent in by @BAMBOO-CIN.

Have you ever heard from someone
that plants feel happy
and grow much better
if you shower them
with love and attention?
If you look at the face
of each cactus emoji,
you can really feel just
how much the owner cares for them.
The cactus emojis were
from @NurSulaiman.

Stay Home Save Lives♡ / @krish29
my emoji don't worry be happy
/ @smurf

This emoji,
which appears to be at home,
is holding up a bottle
of hand sanitizer,
and it has a mask on.
Meanwhile, the virus
at the top is crying.
Together, this entire emoji appears
to be telling us how we can
overcome this pandemic.
We sincerely hope everyone
can avoid COVID-19, stay safe,
and keep interacting on PENUP.
Thank you @krish29
for sending that one in.

The emoji with its tongue
hanging out apparently means
that the food was delicious
and that it is satisfied right now.
If we can keep a smile on our face
and be grateful for everything,
just like those emojis,
I think we will indeed be happy.
It’s like the song goes,
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”
This emoji was from @smurf.

earth in quarantine / @Sunshine10
(Untitled) / @Gigiv.

It depicts the Earth suffering
from environmental pollution.
Right now, we’re experiencing
extreme weather conditions
and a myriad of natural disasters,
which seem to be a result
of environmental pollution.
Let’s hope we can all work together,
and see the Earth smiling
again one day.
This crying Earth emoji was
created by @Sunshine10.

A kid wearing a box
with a cat emoji drawn
on it is holding a little cat.
If you look at the cat
and the fishing rod
the kid is holding,
it seems like she lured
in the cat with the emoji hanging
from a fishing rod.
This one was from @Gigiv.

My Penup Emoji / @Tonda
이모지 테트리스(Tetris with Emoji)
/ @Wong9091

She’s wearing a t-shirt
with the PENUP icon
and a pair of glasses.
And her smile just puts a smile
across the face of
anyone looking at her.
This emoji was created by @Tonda,
who turned the emoji she created
using the emoji function,
into a fantastic picture.

Here, we have to people using Tetris
to create their own emoji.
And each emoji has a different
expression on its face.
What face do you think
they’re going to make
with their next emojis?
What kind of expression will
the emoji created next?
We think it’s interesting
to guess the next face
from the next bricks waiting
to appear in the game.
This was the work of @Wong9091.

Emoticons / @monggle
我多麼愛你|愛畫畫的沐娜 munadrawing
/ @muna

We use a variety of emojis
through messenger apps.
If you look at the particular
situation each round face is
trying to depict,
you get a good idea when
to use them, and how that’s going
to help your conversation.
This emoji series featuring
this cute little character
was created by @monggle.

Next to that,
we have a child holding a cat lying
in a bed of plush teddy bears.
The ear-to-ear smile on his face,
and the “blowing kisses” emoji
on the bears seem to tell us
how the child is feeling right now.
This emoji was from @muna.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The First challenge of August,
‘Let’s draw Beach’ is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team