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[Challenge] 2020. August : Let's draw Beach

The word ‘beach’ brings lots
of sceneries into mind.

Sceneries like rough waves
on sandy beaches, people lying under
parasols beneath the sun’s rays,
and children building
sand castles come to mind.

We can also imagine mud flats
our feet sink into, that has plenty
of sea life we can hunt for;
and also stony beaches with people
fishing can be pictured in our head.

The theme for this challenge is
where the sea meets land:
the ‘Beach’

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Beach walk / @SSB
beach / @usk_keesunge

We typically think of
yellow sand and blue waves
but there are different color
beaches all around the world.

There are red beaches made
from volcanic rock and iron,
and pink beaches formed from shells.

There are beaches with white sand
made from seaweed and shells,
and even black sand formed
by the weathering of basalt

Green beaches also exist,
but it’s not because of seaweed
but from olivine which is
made from volcanic activity.

on the beach / @David-E
Anmok beach /@ch0ea

In addition to colorful beaches,
there are also many unique ones.

Because of plankton
there are beaches in the Maldives,
that glow at night.

In Spain, the rough Atlantic Ocean’s
waves cut away cliffs forming arches
that look like cathedral doors,
which is why it is aptly named
‘Catedrais Beach’.

There are also beaches that connect
with islands in low tide,
and beaches that are made
of shells instead of sand.

Windy Ocean Day / @haellielyse
Untitle / @zivzif

Glass beaches in the U.S.A.
and Russia are a result
of nature’s great force
and the effort of people
who want to make nature beautiful.

It used to be a beach full of trash,
but the waves formed glass pebbles
from the glass shards,
and as people picked up trash,
this beach was discovered.

Additionally on social media,
as the pick up trash challenge
on the beach trends,
beautiful beaches are preserved
with the continuous effort
of people around the world.

What kind of beach
do you want to go to?

Give this challenge a go
with a picture of a beach
you visited before
or a beach you want to go to.

We hope that it will be a challenge
where you can draw
a beautiful picture and also think
about preserving nature.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days from August. 1(Sat)
to August. 15(Sat).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

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