2015-04-30. PM 01:03
  • Hello! PENples. :) We are happy to introduce our New feature of 1.8.0 version.
  • ■ Drawing Tips
  • Before Highlights menu is changed _ ‘Drawing Tips’
    You can learn very various kinds of drawing tips on this menu.
    If you want share some drawing tips, please send us below e-mail address.
  • If you want to check notice related PEN,UP update or etc,, please going to ‘Settings’ menu.
  • ■ A drawing comment
  • PEN.UP is SNS. Communicate by your drawing artworks.
    So you can communicate by drawing comments.
  • ■ New popular list ‘Daily’
  • From now on, not all the works but only those works uploaded in the previous week are shown based on their popularity.
  • ■ Block user
  • “Block user function” it would be if necessary ^_^
  • ■ Hall of Fame artworks is available to apply Wallpaper.
  • You can enjoy in your device an excellent piece of HOF artworks.
  • ■ User following
  • When newly signing up, following users was mandatory but now is optional.

    PEN.UP will try to continue to better our service so that we could become a funny and convenient community with your wonderful drawings.
  • For update, click here.