2020-07-30. AM 07:59
[HOF] August 2020 @shadowmare72

Franz Marc, a German painter
who painted Blue Horses,
once took horse riding lessons
for the first time and felt
that animals were so attractive
that he decided to be an artist.

He felt the animals’ adaptation
to nature and their innocence was
a life that he also wanted to live.

And so, he enjoyed a life
raising animals, and drawing them
through observing their lives
and habitat.

The artist nominated
for August’s Hall of Fame,
takes horses and other
animals and turns them
into beautiful works of art.
It is the artist @shadowmare72

The artist’s drawings make us
feel like we are visiting
green fields with horses
running around.

Each horse, in a different color
and mane, are drawn realistically
in beautiful colors and lines.

You can feel the horses’ dynamic
movements through the artist’s
careful observation;
and in these drawings filled
with life you can feel the artist’s
affection toward horses.

Also, we can see other various
and detailed pictures of animals,
like a dog acting adorable
or a howling wolf,
or fish swimming through water.

Go visit the @shadowmare72's feed
and take a look at these
drawings of animals.

Send your congratulations
on the artist’s fanbook
and don’t forget to ‘like’!

Please look forward
to an interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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