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[Interview] HOF July 2020 @Nigart

A French landscape artist,
Theodore Rousseau, who drew
the breathing lives of nature
traveled around all places in France
to find beautiful nature.

Not just a landscape,
but to express a vivid nature,
he observed and drew it.

He loved the landscape of nature
as his saying
‘I heard the whisper of the trees.’

the selected artist
for Hall of Fame in July,
also has been drawing beautiful
nature we might fall in love with
and showing them to us.

We can feel how colorful
and various the nature is
from the works of our artist.

From the landscapes
with a sense of the season,
we can see a lot of color in nature.
From rough and gentle expressions,
we can imagine various faces
of nature.
We wonder how these landscapes are
drawn in the works.
Let’s begin our interview
with the artist
to answer these questions.

Hi @Nigart.
We are the operations of PENUP.

First, we are congratulating you
for being selected
to the Hall of Fame in July.

Please introduce yourself
and share how you feel.

A1. @Nigart
Thank you for the recognition,
(which, after two previous rewards)
is again a great glory for me!

A great painter friend of mine
told me "it's easy for you
because you do what you want!"

That’s why over the years
I’ve tried it too,
locked myself into a few styles
from which I then had
to get rid of over time.

This gave me a wide range of skills
and a wide range of interests.
I learned to see the miracle
in everything!

Still, I stayed more wild,
I don’t like constraints,
the freedom of the abstract appears
in my works.

My head is a large storage space
where all the beauty
and wonders are stored.
From here, I take the themes
for my pictures.

I don’t usually draw,
I just paint and use the paintbrush
on the canvas.

My emotions and my inner world
show up in my pictures every time.
I am a painter and a teacher
with a brush in my hand,
but today the digital pen has
also become my tool.

This together is great
and perfect for me.

Your first upload was
in March, 2015.

You’ve been uploading
your works for a long time.
We want to ask you
how you found PENUP
or started uploading your works.

A2. @Nigart
It was a great tragedy
and in my grief for three years
I only drew and drew, every night.

It was a survival therapy
in my life!

I encourage everyone to use
the digital creation opportunity.

I show the apps at work
in several videos.
(sorry miss this opportunity here

We saw various works
of beautiful nature.

We want to know what devices
and apps do you use in production.

A3. @Nigart
I tried everything.
ArtFlow and ArtRage were the best.

But I don’t distance myself,
I use all the drawing apps.

There are works with a sense
of the season.
Do you prefer a specific season?
If yes, what is it?

Do you have something specific
to keep in mind
in drawing such a season?

A4. @Nigart
The seasons touch me again and again,
they affect me with their colors
and their wonders.

I can't just walk past it!
That’s why every year there will be
more and more spring forest areas
and snowy winter landscapes
on my site. 🙂

It is important that the colors
of the season dominate the picture,
the theme is essentially pushed
into the background.
The brain knows exactly
that if you see ocher, orange,
and brown, autumn is the theme,
even if the image is definitely

We saw lots of followers
in your works as well.

What made you draw flowers
very often?
Also, what is attractive
about flowers do you think?

A5. @Nigart
This is an easy question for me!
In the pictures,
I give my tenderness, my emotions,
my soul, myself with the flowers.

Because I am a woman!

There are high rise buildings
in cities in your works.
We were able to realize
the new beauty of the cities.

How did you start drawing
these cities?
Also, what was the meaning
kept in them?

A6. @Nigart
Cities were a challenge
that captivated and provided
a great experience of the work.

In your imagination,
you can be there again on the spot
at every stage of the creation.

You walk the streets,
you feel you enjoy the atmosphere.
It's magical in this!

If I haven’t been there before,
I’ll use photos and incorporate
my imagination, my individual style
into the work.

The momentum of several
of my friends also inspired me
in the race.

We can feel beautiful colors,
various facial expressions
or abstract feelings
with people in your drawings.
It was very unique.

Where do you find your
inspiration in a portrait?
Also, what is your focus
in a portrait?

A7. @Nigart
I only paint portraits
on an emotional basis
and for motivation!

The impression that comes
from the person matters!

Therefore, I do not depict
the subject with subtle lines,
but rather with vibrant, colorful,
effects. The face is just a frame,
the point is what needs to be said,
it needs to be visible!

We can say you traveled a lot
by looking at various places
in your works.
Do you enjoy traveling?

Also, we want to ask
if you have a recommendation
for PENPLE for traveling
among the places in your works.

A8. @Nigart
Wherever I go, especially
in great Italy,
I gather sight and inspiration.

I had to draw immediately
several times before
because the little bar
and the romantic atmosphere were
completely captivating.

I immediately uploaded the PENUP.

The landscapes will remain
in my memory for a long time.
I use the main features,
no need to add a model.

We are looking forward
to your works in the future
because you’ve uploaded
a lot of works on your feed.
We want to know your further
drawing plans.

Also, please tell us
if you have a specific material
or drawing style to try out.

A9. @Nigart
I wish digital PAINTING style
would be more popular!

If, in addition to graphics,
the world of classical pictorial
representation were also displayed
on the palette of creators.

You put everyone to work
because it’s the best thing
in the world!
Simply adorable!

Last question.

Please tell us any improvements
or stories that you’d like
to share in using PENUP.

A10. @Nigart
LOVE is important to me,
with my works I convey this
to those who are interested,
because only those who give it
get it.

It’s great that the apps are right
in your hand, in your pocket
and wherever you are,
you’re already doing it!

But you’re not alone at home
in your solitude hours,
with PENUP and drawing skills
with you.

In the future, I want to inspire
and teach the technique
of digital drawing with my videos.

Thank you!

How was our interview with @Nigart

? Theodore Rousseau climbed
up a mountain and felt
they greatness of wide nature
then decided to become a painter
in his childhood.

Our artist also excites our appetite
for creation with his works
of beautiful landscapes.

To all of you who are reading
this one, why don’t we sometimes
go out and draw outside
instead of drawing at home?

By feeling the live nature
before our eyes and having
the feelings in our drawings,
we’ll get a new inspiration
for sure.

We’d like to see PENUP’s feeds
full vitality of nature
with the newly inspired works
of yours.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team