2020-07-14. AM 03:54
[Challenge] 2020. July : Let's draw My Emoji

Have you been stuffy
when you talk to others
via message because of
misunderstanding in emotions?

We are expressing these emotions
with various emojis
in a simplified way.

Various expressions such as
laughing, crying or happy face
and firecrackers for celebration,
claps, question mark for questions,
hearts for love, many of them are
included in emojis.

The challenge’s topic is
‘My Emoji’, which is a pictograph
to express my emotion.

* If you can't see the video,
please check the link below.
Click to see Let's draw My Emoji

Emoji Meme / @znckwei
emoji movie / @Bpistudio

Emoji is a compound word of picture
and character which includes
the meaning to express emotion.

It wasn’t compatible at first,
but the development of mobile
communication and smartphone
made it popular and now
it’s being supported everywhere.

The emoticon we have used preciously
were made by imagination or limited
characters so emoji, with easy
expression, grew up rapidly.

It is being used over five billion
times a day, and also expected
for increased usage in the future.

sad Emoji -( / @NadaAttiah
(Untotled) / @Zelle

Emoji is an icon of
communication and equality.

The space to deliver message
and timely issues are solved
by emojis and we can have
more conversations.

Now, it generally accepts racial,
cultural and social issues
and is being used as measures
of understanding and accepting
each other with difference.

We can deliver the meaning
and emotion with people
who speak different languages
which is recognized
as the characters of a new era.

fun with personal emoji
/ @Lianamulholland
(Untitled) / @GabrielaG

Now, emojis are being personalized.
There are more cases
of combining common emojis
with one’s own creative expressions
to make ‘my emojis’.

Galaxy Note as well used AR emoji
feature of its camera and offers you
to make your own emojis
with your pictures.
So it will be great to make
the emojis to express yourself
with this exciting time.

From the frequently
used emojis to the ones
of your expression and creativity,
please join the challenge!

We hope you can communicate
with emojis of warm emotions and get
along with everyone together.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 16 days
from July. 16(Thu) to July. 31(Fri).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team