2020-07-13. AM 08:28
[HOF] July 2020 @Nigart

The appearance of nature
always changes.

There’s no duplication
but the changes of nature is
full of mysteries.

These appearances of nature has been
inspiring a lot of people
and loved as materials
for a long time.

@Nigart has been selected
to Hall of Fame in July
who has been showing
these mysterious
and dynamic appearances of it
with his works of beautiful colors.

The changes in nature
embrace various colors.
In his works,
there are various colors to meet.

From the colors of comfort
that are seen in mountains and seas,
to the vivid colors
from a wide-blooming flower,
he’s giving them to us
through his works.

Also, the expression
of changing colors by light
and season leads us to meet
the hidden beauty.

Also, the works at the border
of landscape and abstraction
in feed are delivering many images
that our artist possesses.

While appreciating the works
with various themes,
it allows us for a time
of contemplation and imagination.

Visit @Nigart’s feed now
and meet various
and beautiful works of nature.

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of congratulation
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Please look forward
to the coming interview with her.

Thank you.

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