2020-07-01. AM 05:20
[Notice] PENUP update Ver 3.5.2

Hello. PENPLEs.

PENUP has been updated
to version 3.5.2.

Today, we would like
to introduce the change made
by PENUP version 3.5.2.

First, the 'Auto stop' function is
applied as a default to the live drawing.

there is a ‘Auto stop’ function
in live drawing.

This is a function
that stops playback automatically
when a tool or color is changed,
in addition to touch
during live drawing.

if it was not set directly,
it was applied in the OFF state,
so the part that passed briefly
was rewound or had to be found
using tools and colors by itself.

However, in the future,
this ‘Auto stop’ function
will be applied as default.

When the live drawing is
in progress, playback stops
automatically at the point
where the use of the tools
or color ends, and when you press
the play button again, it changes
to the next tool or color.

If you feel uncomfortable
with this function, you can change
the auto stop function to OFF.
Then, as before, the live drawing
will be played regardless
of the change of color and tools.

*Instructions on how to change
this feature is given below.

Live Drawing → Learn to draw
→ Lower right ‘Drawing Settings’
→ ‘Auto stop’ ON/OFF

Second, the announcement
sharing function has been added.

Previously, the announcement
of PENUP could not be shared
via SNS or message.

With this updated,
announcements can be shared.

*How to share is as follows.

PENUP app → top right ‘More’
→ Notice → Notification that needs
to be shared → top right ‘Share’

Use the sharing function
of the announcement to tell everyoneㅈ
about the new story of PENUP.

PENUP operation team will always try
to share the information of PENUP
and make it easier
nd more enjoyable to use PENUP.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team