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[Challenge] 2020. July : Let's draw Fish

There are various fishes living
in rivers and seas.

Spinner fish to shoot water
like a water gun to catch the prey
or salmon that comes back
from sea to river.

Flying fish that has
a wing-looking fin,
seahorse that looks like a horse
or a cute tropical fish swimming
between coral reefs.

A shark with the famous triangle fin
on the surface or the one releasing
electricity exists.

The remote ancestors
of human living in water,
‘Fish’ is the topic
of the first challenge in July.

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in the dark / @gratefulsean68
aquarium / @zak

There are over
30,000 species of fish.
As their species,
they live in very various places.

They can live in hot spring
about 40 degrees or the North Pole
or South Pole which are known
the coldest places in the world.

They are living in deep sea
where we cannot reach due
to strong water pressure,
and we find new kinds
whenever we can go deeper.

풍경 - 바다 / @jinhee
diving / @MACTAC

Fishes are known
as discriminating senses.

They have visions developed,
but it’s limited due to the depth
of water and turbidity.
So the auditory and olfactory
senses are developed.

WIth these developed senses,
they detect distant sounds
and small chemicals to find prey,
avoid predators or communicate
with each other.

Other than that, fishes have
side sensory organs to keep distance
in between and prevent collusion
to make harmonious
and flashy moves in a shoal.

FISHY / @Mike
Under the sea / @Nahandove

Coelacanths or Pirarucus were
considered extinct
since their fossils are found early.

However, they found they exist
up to now and earned
the nickname ‘Fossil Fish’.

Because of these fishes,
scholars still think that
the creatures from the past
still live somewhere on earth
where humans haven’t found yet.

Do you believe a certain fish
still exists on earth?
From extinct ones
to imaginative ones
or the ones you want to have,
have them in your paintings
and join the challenge!

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days from July. 1(Wed)
to July. 15(Wed).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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