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[Interview] HOF June 2020 @wanime

Renoir, a famous French painter
of the beautiful shape of women.

People said, he always agrees
to the positivity of life
and draws his work with happiness.

And his positive attitude was
naturally reflected to his works,
then cheerful and positive works
have been completed.

@wanime, the winner for the
Hall of Fame in June,
she’s presenting us cheerful,
cute and happy work.

Her work is full of stories.

Beautiful young girls seem like
telling us their day
with full of warmth and happiness
in different styles.

Also, the cute animals seem like
making us think that they are
sharing their stories as well.

We should ask her
how these characters are born
and what stories are made
through the interview with her.

Now, why don’t we begin
the interview with @wanime?

Hello, artist.
We are PENUP’s operations team.
Congratulations for being selected
for the Hall of Fame in June.

Please introduce yourself and share
how you feel about being selected
for the Hall of Fame.

A1. @wanime
First of all thank you for give me
a award, I'm so glad
that being selected
in this month now.

I'm a nurse and my hobbies are
drawing and gardening.

Your first upload
in PENUP was June 2018.

We’d like to ask how you found PENUP
and how you began uploading
your drawings.

A2. @wanime
At that time I started to draw
with sketchbook pro
so it have yours to share my pic,
then I used samsung galaxy tab8
and I signed in PENUP
and keep creat my drawing.

Cheerful and various young girls
were very impressive.
We’d like to know what device
and app you use to create them.

A3. @wanime
I always use sketchbook pro app,
I love the color from painting app
it's all like pastel.
In the painter i use it to write,
Calligraphy for paintbrush
and watercolor brush
it's so excellent.

If I want to draw and paint
this style I always use these app
my device I used Galaxy tab8
and I changed to Galaxy tab 10.1
and now I'm using Note 10 plus.
I love the stylus pen of it.

I THINK I'm a pure fan
of samsung eiei.

You have a lot of young girls
in your drawings.
Do you have a reason for it?

Also, please share
what attraction they have as material.

A4. @wanime
I love to draw a young girl
because it's so cute for me.
And when i draw a boy,
it almost was a girl all the time,
it too cute to be a boy.

In my drawing style i love
to draw a girl like a chubby girl
i think it's so cute.

Different clothes were impressive
in your drawings.

We’d like to know where you get
your inspiration for such clothes
including traditional ones.

A5. @wanime
In my country in the past
we always wore clothes like that.

Presently, have a lot of historical
period drama movie use the clothing
like that when i watched that movie
I have inspiration
to creat my drawing.

I mix several styles
such as disney to be my style.

Reference BuppeSannivas movie
(Thai historial TV series)
is very fun.

Cute animals were impressive
as well.

The drawing that bears met
and made family was impressive.

What was your reason
to start such drawing?

A6. @wanime
That is depend
on my emotion in each day.

When i saw a couple,
i think it's sweet
and cute then i draw.

Such as the first pic,
my friends they always say
that they had to exercise
but when they hungry
they ate a lot and told me
"tomorrow i will" like this.

We could see shiny expressions
from various landscapes
in your drawings.

What was your intention for them?

A7. @wanime
I think it's the way
to balance the picture.

It's made the pic cute enough.

You draw different characters
each time, but a character giving
a similar feeling caught our eyes.

What was the background of her
and what story does she have?

A8. @wanime
Starting with the first pic,
then is a halloween first of all
i think is a witch.

So I drew a witch she was casting
a spell to her animal friend
for trick or treat.

Second pic are a witch
and her magic pot and an owl
that bring a letter like
Harry Potter's owl.

Third pic is a witch that prepared v to travel with her love swap.

And last, A witch is casting a spell
to see something maybe is a past
or future, up to my lovely watcher🙂

We’d like to know your
further work plans.

Also, do you have a new topic
or style to challenge in the future?

A9. @wanime
I want to draw a cartoon storie
for childrens, a book of easy step
to draw a cute.

And i want to develop my skill
to paint by watercolor
and the last i want
to creat a animation
now I'm strating a little bit.

Last question.

Please tell us any improvements
or stories that you’d like
to share in using PENUP.

A10. @wanime
I love the PENUP.

You have a lot of activity
to participate and give me technique
to drawing.

Lastly, I want you to have the way
to a post of animation.
thank you.

How was our interview with @wanime?

Renoir left his saying
‘Life is an endless holiday’
with the meaning
to enjoy every moment of it.

Her drawings showed these moments
being enjoyed in them.

why don’t you draw your own
like you’re enjoying your holiday
with happiness?

Whatever drawing it is,
it would be great to have the emotion
before holiday into them.

We wish all the joys
from everyone’s mind to be
in the feeds and PENUP will be full
of happiness.

Thank you!

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team