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[Review] Challenge of May (2)

Butterflies fly mysteriously
with their beautiful wings
and always get our eyes on them.

The topic of this challenge was
a ‘Butterfly’.

First, we are introducing the winners
of this challenge with the video.

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please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the second challenge of May

With all the pieces with beauty
and with filling the challenge feed,
it was a such a happy moment
that we could understand
how the appearance of butterflies
can inspire artists.

Thank you all who participated
in the challenge with great works.

Now, we’re introducing
the winners of this challenge.

Pretty in Pink / @Nerienne
Butterfly Blue / @Marquiux

Over a soft-looking yellow stamen,
a fairy with wings is sleeping.
A little shrinked petals are covering
the fairy or shutting out the wind.
When the fairy in deep sleep wakes up,
it would bloom all the way.
It reminds of a scene from fairytales.
It’s presented by @Nerienne.

When spring has come
that all vitalities are carried
on thin branches during winter,
we can see beautiful flower buds
and butterflies.
On a branch with blooming pink flowers,
there’s a butterfly flying over
and I believe the spring has come
in this place.
The beautiful messenger of spring,
a shape of a butterfly.
It’s presented by @Marquiux.

Freedom / @darlisluna
Beautiful Butterfly / @Alex

Once the bottle cap is opened
on one’s hand,
the butterflies locked
inside are flying up by the wind.
She knows that butterflies are
more beautiful with flowers
than being locked up,
she’s letting them go
to the place they should be.
It’s impressive with a warm breeze
blown to lead the butterflies
in the background.
It’s presented by @darlisluna.

The flowers and grasses just
bloomed are filling up the place
and the butterflies with beautiful
wings are flying between them.
The light green and pink filled
the background feel like
the little cold wind
and warm sunlight,
so it’s like we’re looking
at a field in spring.
The beautiful butterfly
in pastel tone and the background
of the surroundings,
it’s presented by @Alex.

Birth of Butterfly / @Mishelangello
Nature in red and orange / @Abex

Various and loud colored lines
are drawing a butterfly.
The glowing butterfly
and the beautiful colors around it
look like a beautiful butterfly
since it was a pupa
or the spring that new lives are born.
The abstract expression of butterfly
and loud and beautiful colors,
it’s presented by @Mishelangello.

When the clouds eclipsed the sun,
a butterfly of beautiful wings came
to the red flowers bloomed
in the wide field.
It looks like the clouds wanted
to help the butterfly
flying from a flower
to another not to be tired.
It’s presented by @Abex.

生態小宇宙 natural space | 愛畫畫的沐娜 / @muna
Butterfly / @abdulrahman

Fireflies light up the road like
the lights in the forest road
with grass and trees,
the friendly two are walking
side by side towards the house
in the far distance.
All of these are put in a bottle
and made us curious.
They say, ‘A butterfly is a soul
of a human’.
Probably the memories
of a butterfly are bottled in it.
It’s presented by @muna.

An impressive butterfly
with orange wings came
to a white flower
in the green forest.
The Monarchs with impressive
orange wings fly over 5,000km
for the winter.
Is this butterfly flying
that far to end up here?
It’s presented by @abdulrahman.

Siamese cat and Cabbage
butterfly ʚïɞ.• / @azu
☆ Butterfly ☆ / @z3dmax

A white Siamese cat
with blue eyes is looking
at the white-winged butterfly
spreading mystery lights.
Cats are often called ‘butterflies’
in Korea.
There are some common sayings
that it’s because cats love
butterflies or they share
mysterious movements, etc.
By looking at this work,
it reminds us of the butterflies
looking like the cats’ faces
with sharp-shaped ears.
What do you say about it?
It’s presented by @azu.

A butterfly stands
on a red flower.
It’s nectar is rolled up.
We can say it’s full
with the honey and about
to fly to another flower.
The butterfly helps
the flowers carry the pollen,
there will be beautiful flowers
in this place
with the green mountain
and blue sky next year.
It’s presented by @ z3dmax.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The First challenge of June,
‘Let’s draw Shoes’is ongoing.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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