2020-05-28. AM 07:45
[HOF] June 2020 @wanime

Felix the Cat,
the first animation character
is famous as it changes emotions
with the title ‘the first’.

The minion of the witch,
black cats, the cursed ones,
were hatred but it was changed
to the feeling for a cute
and lovely one.

A character has the power
to change one’s emotion like this.

We selected @wanime
who is making us soft-hearted
with her cute characters.

Her characters expand our emotions
and imaginations.

We see the situations around them,
laugh and smile.
We worry when they are in trouble,
cheer for them and this makes us
feel different emotions.

Also, we wonder their stories
from the scene of fairytale-looking
and imain their stories as well.

Aside from that,
we can feel like we are carefully
observing the dreaming world
of the young girl by looking
at her beautiful things and clothes.

Please drop by her feed
and meet the characters full
of cuteness.
Don’t forget to leave a message
of congratulation
and like her penbook.

Please look forward
to the coming interview with her.

Thank you.

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