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[Challenge] 2020. June : Let's draw Shoes

How many pairs of shoes
do you have?
There are various shoes
by different purposes.

Indoor shoes inside your house,
slippers to wear
for a short going-out,
shoes or rubber shoes to go out
or various customized shoes
are out there for walking, running,
climbing a mountain, etc.
for different purposes.

There are rubber boots
not to get wet by rain
or children’s shoes
with various lights
for their safety.

The first topic of the challenge
in June is the ‘Shoes’
that protect our feet
and support our activities.

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please check the link below.
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Night and moon on heels
/ @valentina90
Old shoe / @David-E

Shoes are originated
from the cold or hot weather.

Shoes are designed to protect
our feet under the environment
that they easily suffer
from frostbite and burn.

At first, they were made
by wrapping the feet with the bark
of a tree, grass, leather
and hair of animals
then developed to have a certain
form as our feet.

After that, in the 11th century,
shoes are developed
with many variations.
Sewing machines and rubber were
used for shoes
and they developed dynamically.

Cowboy Boots / @Aerocash
shoe / @Zahra

Shoes have many funny stories
as well as their various shapes.

The shoes of Cinderella
in the fairytale
were white-haired at first,
however, due to the wrong
translation to the US,
they became glass shoes.

The ‘sabo’ from ‘‘sabotage’ meant
the wooden shoes
that the working class wore before.

Mounted troops were high heels,
but Louis XIV wore them
to overcome his short height
and became very popular.

They were unisexual unlike now.

flying shoe / @YashMore
Pink Shoes / @BacGyver

Now, the shoes are developing
with modern technologies
with ergonomics to our body.

With this trend,
customized shoes that are called
bespoke service are getting popular.

Also, the development
of various materials
and technologies is making
dream come true for the shoes
existing in our dream from movies.

What shoes do you want to wear?
Imagine the shoes from old times
to present and draw various shoes
that you want to wear
to join this challenge.

This challenge will be proceeded
for 15 days from June. 1(Mon)
to June. 15(Mon).

We look forward
to your participation
and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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