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[Interview] HOF May 2020 @Aspin

Have you experienced a glance
at the landscape that stayed
in your mind for a long time?
We feel like we may recall it
when we arrived in the place.
Because we can’t picture
or draw it like a foggy dream.

@Aspin, the artist selected
for the Hall of Fame in May,
he has been beautiful landscapes
in her drawings like reality
and dreams.

The eyecatcher from her works is
the flow of sweeping water
at the moment.

It begins from the deep mountain,
meets a cliff, sends up clouds
of spray and scatters.

It flows on the valley
and ends up a large river,
then it keeps flowing and again
to meet the ocean.
This contains the beautiful nature
flowing from the highland
to the lowland.

It makes us curious how
these beautiful pieces are made
and what are the further pieces
that are waiting for us.
Now, can we begin
our interview with @Aspin?

Hi Aspin!
We are PENUP’s operations team.
Congratulations for being selected
for the Hall of Fame in May.
Please introduce yourself
and share how you feel
about being selected
for the Hall of Fame.

A1. @Aspin
Thank you PENUP operation team
for choosing me to be
in the Hall of Fame in May.

I’m Aspin from Indonesia,
I work as a chemistry teacher
in senior high school,
and my hobby is drawing
and exercising.

Something that was unimaginable
before that I could enter HOF,
I just thought about how
to produce a work that could be
liked and enjoyed.

Actually, I would like
to appreciate all friends
in this community who had led me
to this position.

Your first upload
in PENUP was July 2018.
You have been active since then.

Can you share how you started
uploading your drawings on PENUP?

A2. @Aspin
I painted using common painting
media, which had various
difficulties ranging from choosing
and mixing colors,
determining the size and type
of brushes, changing
and correcting image errors,
and so on.

Until I met with an extraordinary
application found
on the Samsung Note, PENUP.
Since then I have never painted
on other media except painting
by using PENUP
and immediately upload it.

The detailed expressions
for nature with various colors
and lines were stunningly beautiful!

Please share us the devices
and apps you use for such drawings.

A3. @Aspin
PENUP is absolutely
an extraordinary application.

I have tried other suggested
supporting applications,
there are too many features
which in my opinion even waste
too much time to choose them.

Eventually, I returned
to the original default of PENUP,
the features on PENUP menu are
very simple.

Brush size settings
that can produce thin
and thick lines,
color transparency settings
that can produce bright colors,
dark, faint, contrast,
plus features that can copy colors,
for me it is enough and has made it
easier for me to produce
the painting that I want.

You described landscapes
of nature in most of your works,
Please share what you like
from them and what made you
start drawing landscapes.

A4. @Aspin
Busyness working
in a narrow environment,
and limited to the exact same place,
sometimes makes me feel bored,
feel depressed, and want
to get out of those conditions.

The desire of being in a beautiful,
broad, peaceful, and pleasant
condition is highly unlikely
that we never get it,
because it only exists in fantasy.
By painting the landscape,
what was in my dreams,
it can become reality,
and we can be wherever we want.

It’s a bit confusing
if the places are existing
or imaginations because of
the dreamlike expressions.

We’d like you to tell us
the common places in your drawings.

A5. @Aspin
The experience while teaching
in the forests
of Kalimantan (Borneo),
had been deeply recorded in my mind.

In the first painting
there is a dark hill, Kapuas river,
and water transportation,
it is not a dream but a real natural
condition that is pure
and has not been contaminated yet.

In addition, the other paintings are
a combination of natural conditions
and my imagination or dream,
a situation where sometimes
I want to be alone in that place.

There are waterfalls,
rivers and streams in your works.

What are your inspirations
of such works and their attractions?

A6. @Aspin
I was born in a village
natural environment
that has mountains, rivers,
and waterfalls.

Water is a symbol of beauty
as well as bringing coolness.

The flowing water has a philosophy
that life is dynamic. That is why
in almost all of my paintings,
there are waterfalls
or flowing water.

We felt the creativity
and mystique from the expression
of purple that is not so common
in nature.

We’d like you to tell us
the meanings in this purple color
that are easily found
in most of your works.

A7. @Aspin
Indonesia is a tropical country
that has a rich diversity
of flora and fauna,
moreover the National Flower Park is
not far from my house,
where colorful trees and flowers are
arranged beautifully.

Thus, the tree
and purple fruit are a common sight
around my environment.

In my place there are
still many places or forests
that are still pristine
and untouched, so it looks
a little bit dark
and it gives the impression
of a haunted/mystical place.

We think you enjoy travelling a lot
from your works
with travelers and nature.

Do you enjoy travelling?
Please share the most impressive
place from your tours.

A8. @Aspin
Indonesia is an archipelagic country
that includes a Pacific Rim
where active mountains lie.

So, we have local attractions
ranging from mountain peaks,
natural hot springs, waterfalls,
to beach tourism.

The most visited beach tours are
Kuta Beach in Bali and Raja Ampat
in West Papua.

And the famous mountain craters are
Mount Bromo Crater in East Java
and Tangkuban Perahu in Lembang
with its hot springs in Ciater.

Your work includes detailed
expressions that will need
a lot of time.

How long does it take
to draw a piece?
And please tell us the landscape
you want to draw in the future.

A9. @Aspin
PENUP has made it easy for me
to sketch when inspiration
crosses my mind,
whenever and wherever.

It does not require a long time
if a painting is created
when the mind is calm
and in free time.

It can be completed
in several hours.
But as a teacher, I sometimes have
to save unfinished sketches
and continue later, while looking
for new inspiration,
and this can take two to three days.

The most appreciated paintings
of mine are those
that include beach, mountain, cloud
and water elements, so in the future
I will try painting the landscape
by combining these elements
with more varied colors
and lighting.

It’s a shame,
but this is our question.

Please tell us any improvements
or stories you’d like to share
in using PENUP.

A10. @Aspin
Behind this application
there are certainly great people
who will continue to improve.

When this application has
“set background image” feature,
I think that this allows anyone
to be a plagiarist
and not a pure painter,
but I realize
that this application is intended
for all people, young and old,
professional and beginner,
so I suggest that it can add
a feature to be able to cut
and combine several images at once,
such as features found on S-Note,
so that the exploration
of creativity and imagination
of anyone becomes limitless.

I am one of the people
who know too late
that there is an application
as powerful as PENUP,
in the future I plan
to socialize PENUP by opening
a “Free Art Studio”.

It doesn’t need any canvases,
brushes, paints,
but they only need a Samsung Note
and PENUP.

Because with PENUP application, anyone can become a great painter.

How was our interview with @Aspin?

Gustav Klimt said drawing landscape
was resting and stabilizing
his body and mind.

Just like what Klimt said,
The drawings of our artist
had full resting
and stabilizing feelings.

why don’t we draw landscapes
of close ones for this time
that we can get nervous and stuffy?
Feeling various emotions
from landscapes and letting
all negativity out will be great!

We wish the feeds of PENUP
to be filled up
with beautiful landscapes
with everyone being happy
and able to see nature.

Thank you!

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team