2020-05-14. AM 09:15
[Challenge] 2020. May : Let's draw Butterfly

When the spring comes
and flowers bloom, many butterflies
are crowded into them.

The butterflies have mysterious,
shiny and beautiful colors
and gentle flapping for dynamic
movements that catch our eyes.

People said them as the soul
of man because it’s so beautiful
or it’s so mysterious
in the flapping both
in the East and the West.

The challenge’s subject is
a ‘Butterfly’. the insect
symbolizes pleasure and happiness.

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butterfly & rose / @abdulrahman
Butterfly♡ / @a_jennyc

People in the old days
tried to extract paints
from the beautiful colors
of butterflies but it didn’t work.

The wings of a butterfly are
composed of structural color
that shines without colors
by reflecting unique light
to produce mysterious colors
in fact they are close
to transparent.
Through this structure,
they can have various
and beautiful colors
to protect themselves
rom their natural predators
such as tree or leaf-like patterns
of protection or the animal-eye-like
patterns to scare them away.

The frog and the butterfly♡ / @N.D.T
Blue / @Jacca

When we imagine the characteristics
of butterfly, we can recall
the four wings, irregular flying
and long proboscis with springs.

They can even fly
with only two wings
but use four wings
to fly quickly enough to run away
from the natural predators.

The spring-like proboscis
spreads when they find their feed.
Because they can taste
with their legs,
so the proboscis spreads only
when there’s honey on the flower.
They have a good sense
of taste and can find just a handful
of sugar in a ton of water.

꽃.나비 / @sun.u
Butterfly / @Gasedak

20,000 species of butterfly live
in the world and they are loved
by beautiful colors and movements,
however, it develops
from a gross-looking larva
to a pupal, a pupal to butterfly
which is why they symbolize change,
transformation and immortality.

These aspects of butterfly
are commonly used as materials
from poems to novels and arts
in various arts.

What does a butterfly look like
in your mind?
Please draw various butterflies
in your drawings for the challenge.

We are looking forward
to see everyone for a garden full
of butterflies in his
or her challenge feed.
This challenge will be proceeded
for 16 days
from May. 16(Sat) to May. 31(Sun).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

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