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[Review] Challenge of April (2)


The challenge’s topic was a ‘Bicycle’
that goes with the motion
from people’s legs.

We are introducing the winners
of the challenge with a video.

* If you can’t see the video,
please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the second challenge of April

We were able to see a lot
of beautiful pieces with bicycles
that made us feel like running
towards cool breeze and finding
different places as well.

Thank you all who participated
in the challenge.

Why don’t we meet the winners
of the challenge?

(Untitled) / @vlad
Ride Safe,Ride Home/victory gate.
/ @nuni

If we draw the most important moment
in bicycle racing, wouldn’t it
look like this?
The looks of bicycles
and cyclists who ride them drawn
in black and white are
giving us the tension and speed
from the bicycles running
by the track and cyclists
who work hard on a pedal.
We think there are cheering
audiences for the cyclists
over the black screen.
It’s presented by @vlad.

in a heavy fog, many people are
moving towards the triumphal arch
that is only able
to be seen it’s outline.
There are people on a walk
or travel over there.
However, a bicycle rider
at the very front seems
to go on a different direction.
He seems to go on
to another destination
passing the triumphal arch.
It’s presented by @nuni.

Beachin' It / @ZieBee
DRINK / @pigama

At the end of the bicycle travel,
there are palm trees
with lots of fruits hanging
and the dog riding on a basket
seems excited with a smile.
He seems resting, leaning
on the hill and looking faraway,
there would be a blue ocean
looking like the bicycle’s color
in front of him.
It’s presented by @ZieBee.

A female on a ride cycle
with an impressive pig character.
It seems she has been traveling
for a long way, and she stopped
for a moment to drink water.
Her clothes and the shining sun
tell us it's hot weather.
It seems to tell us having
enough rest and a lot of water
in the work.
It’s presented by @pigama.

along the sunset beach road. /@xiaos
Riding Free / @R.A.A

A bicycle is running
on a sunset beach.
As the night comes,
the sky gets darker.
The vanishing sunlight on the ocean
goes into beautiful orange.
The girl on a bicycle is staring
at the shining ocean
with beautiful sunlight.
She is addicted to this
beautiful landscape
and the bicycle is going
to run until the end of it.
It’s presented by @xiaos.

Stagnant water raises spray
and scatters on the running wheels
of the bicycle and the colorful
neon signs on the city became
long lines by the fast speed of it.
The stretched arms
and hands off the handlebar
show us the sense of freedom
of the rider at the moment.
The bicycle running
on the city and the landscape,
It’s presented by @R.A.A

Bicycle is fun / @Kitty11
Harmony / @Dr.Gazi

A bicycle is a great transportation
on the road that cars can’t go on.
On a quiet narrow alley,
there is a man running on a bicycle.
Is his house at the end
of the alley? Or is he traveling?
We are curious
about his destination.
It’s presented by @Kitty11.

Moss grows on a bicycle parked
under the tree for ages,
and the birds with beautiful red
and white feathers gathered grasses
and branches around the place
on the comfortable saddle
where people used to sit
and built their nest.
The owner wouldn’t find
the bicycle because
of the dense grass around it
and it would be a warm home
for the birds.
It’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

Stargazing / @Hypnorino
The Bicycle at St.Petersburg /@Diana

The reason why the two came here
seems to be because they wanted
to see the signs in the night sky.
The night with twinkling stars
begins to take the sky
and the two found the shining signs
of a ladle shape.
The loosely left bicycle
on the grass tells
of the urgent minds of the two.
It’s presented by @Hypnorino.

The blue sky on clouds at the end
of the river flowing under the river
and the buildings and surroundings
with unique beauty are beautifully
laid over the bridge.
The red bicycle on the bridge seems
to be stopped by a person
who can’t get his eyes off.
The Savior on the Spilled Blood
at St. Petersburg in Russia
and its’ surroundings,
it’s presented by @ @Diana.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement
and congrats to these
10 people in the comments.

The First challenge of May,
‘Let’s draw My home’is on going.
We hope for your
active participation.

Thank you.

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